Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comment of the week

Each Thursday we ask a question and invite you to answer for a chance to win a prize from The Vault! And every Saturday we choose our favorite comment and send the commenter a Vault item of his or her choice!

This week we asked:

Which romance in a YA have you read recently that shot your swoon-level up higher than July temperatures in Virginia?

And our winner is:


With this comment:

I just finished MY LIFE NEXT DOOR and talk about shooting the swoon-level to the stars thanks to the relationship of Jase and Sam! :D

See, Jase is the type of guy all teenagers should have next door: confident, honest, mature, sexy, funny, smart, driven, athletic, real but he is NOT perfect which lets face it makes him even sexier :D

Sam grows up with him, discovering who she is, she laughs with him and he accepts her. Faults and all.

They build their relationship somewhat slowly but let me tell you, from the beginning to the end, it´s swooooooooony and some scenes are HOT HOT HOT! (probably not 50 shades steamy, you know but HOT steamy still ;-))

Thanks to everyone who entered! Elodie, drop us an email and let us know what Vault item you'd like!


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