Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's getting hot in here...

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Today's question:
Which romance in a YA have you read recently that shot your swoon-level up higher than July temperatures in Virginia? (And let me just tell you, July in Virginia is HAWT.)

Our Answers

Cambria: Ruby and Liam from The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken! This book hasn't been released yet but WHOA BOY. Wait until y'all get your grubby little hands on this gem. I loved how this relationship was slow to build. You really got a sense of who they were individually before they became a couple. And then it was the the kind of love you'd want for yourself -- authentic, sweet, balanced, happy, sad. The obvious chemistry on the page didn't hurt either. :)

Alexandra: Maryah and Nathan from Grasping at Eternity! Eternal soul mates ripped apart by a dangerous mystery? Maryah without memories and Nathan with a shattered heart? The heat of the romance is the deep burning love that runs beneath the hardship they face.

Katy: I know I've been raving about this book all over the Internet lately, but BITTERBLUE... *sigh* Not only were Katsa and Prince Po back in all their angsty glory, but Bitterblue, older and wiser, found romance with adorable thief, Saf. Their intense hot-and-cold interactions were so much fun to read, and so completely swoonworthy.

Jessica: Anna and Bennett in Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone...I ADORED these two, and I loved their chemistry. I can't wait until everyone else reads this book and falls in love with this couple, too.

Copil: Captain Naphi's affection for her "philosophy" in China Meiville's Railsea. Okay, okay, I know a woman's obsession with the giant sand mole she's hunting over the dust-caked expanses of the Railsea is not what some would call a traditional love affair. Still, if you can't open your mind, how will you ever open your heart, I say.

Karen: Adam and Mia from IF I STAY and WHERE SHE WENT. That poor, passionate, couple. I love them so much. My heart broke for them in both books, but reading from Adam's POV in WHERE SHE WENT made me fall mega hard for him.

Matt: I don't read romance, and when I do suffer myself to read books with romantic subplots, I don't swoon.

Alison: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!!! That book’s not July in Virginia HAWT, it’s August Arizona HAWT!

Oh wait, you said YA. And I think I just let the world know that I’m reading Fifty Shades. And you said swoon-level, not STEAM-level. *hides head in sand* 

To be honest, I haven’t read a lot of published YA lately that shot my swoon-o-meter off the chain. The last one that caused serious heart palpitations was Jellicoe Road (*cough* Jonah Griggs). The romance-y stuff doesn’t happen often, but hoo boy—I had to go back and reread certain passages just to ingest the HAWT, explosive, shocking effects.

Your turn!


Eliza Tilton said...

Leaving Paradise and Return to Paradise by Simone Elks....loved it.

Anonymous said...

This lullaby by sarah dessen definitely made my heart go all a-flutter. *sigh* if only more guys were like dexter (at least, I think that's his name.) His and remy's chemistry was totally something I want. Plus, I was totally weak in the knees when he held her while she cried. *cue fangirl moment*

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