Thursday, July 19, 2012

MC style! Summer or winter?

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Today's question:
This one's for the writers out there: Is your current MC a summer lover, or do they prefer winter--and why?


Our Answers

Sara: My MC, Penelope, surfs—and controls the tides. Summer alllll the way. :)

Alexandra: She likes winter, mostly because it's easier to hide inside winter layers. She's not the most social person.

Katy: My current MC, Jillian, is a Pacific Northwesterner, so summer is relative. Her story takes place during the winter, and while I wouldn't say she enjoys the blustery, rain-drenched days, she certainly tolerates them like a true Washingtonian.

Jessica: My current MC Hannah is a little bit more of a summer person than a winter person because she doesn't like getting wet in the rain, she doesn't really like being cold, and she doesn't really look good in hats. She doesn't LOVE summer, though, because even though she loves a good sundress, people get all sweaty in the summer and that grosses her out. She really prefers fall...cooler temps, skinny pumpkin spice lattes, baking pumpkin loaf, and brand new back to school supplies. 

Copil: Winter offers more layers between my MC and the world. Easier to hid man-boobs in a parka.

Karen: She craves summer and winter. Seriously, it's not a cop-out answer. She needs the heat AND cold to survive and she has a heck of a time keeping those needs balanced.

Matt: The MC in the MS I'm currently drafting is an angry, wounded, pessimistic mother-effer. He doesn't love seasons, but if he had to pick, probably winter, because there's plenty to complain about, and probably summer, because it's a good season for escapes.

Alison: Neither. My main character JD may spend most of his time at the beach, but he’s too scarred by memories of a recent summer and dreads an imminent, er…life-changing event in the upcoming winter. His favorite season is indubitably fall. When he’s not occupied with thoughts of his main love interest, the boy lives and breathes football. And all the guy stuff that comes with it.

Cambria: My main character, Juni, is used to volunteering at the hospital and studying in libraries and labs, so she much prefers the sterility of winter over the humidity and sweaty discomfort of summer.

Your turn!


Brianna McBride said...

Neither! My MC lives in the wild. The Summer days are far too hot in the forest and can cause heat strokes, but winter brings snowstorms and frostbite. She prefers spring, when animals are coming out of hibernation and plants are at their best state.

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