Monday, July 30, 2012

Short Stories with Novels?

A lot of authors write short stories to go with their series--either between the books, or as prequels. A lot of times these stories are available in anthologies, but I've noticed more and more that the stories are sold as e-books by the publisher, or are available on the author's website for free.

Fantasy authors Rachel Hartman and Rae Carson have both written prequels to their fantasy series:

THE SHADOW CATS by Rae Carson 

THE AUDITION by Rachel Hartman 

Julie Kagawa has written three novellas that go between her Iron Fey books, that have been recently bundled into one edition, called THE IRON LEGENDS:

Cassandra Clare has written a whole host of shorts that go with her Mortal Instruments series. Goodreads has 25 listed in total. Many of these are scenes that didn't make it into the books that focus on secondary characters, or scenes that appear in the books written from other characters' points of view.

Obviously there are a lot more, but this post could get seriously long if I tried to find all of them!

Are you the kind of person who reads the short stories that go along with books you liked? If you are, what's your favorite kind? Scenes from other points of view? Prequels? Tidbits that go in between books?


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