Monday, August 27, 2012

A Call for Teens

So you all know we have basically the most kick ass teen spies and analysts EVERRR, right? In fact, if you're a teen and you're reading this--I hope you'll sign up to join us as an analyst! (Look at the sidebar on the right!)

But this is a call to those of you with access to teens who are in no way connected with the writing/blogging/reviewing world. IF you know any, and you don't think they'd mind being contacted via email on occasion by me, would you please send me their email addresses? Either to YA Confidential or my personal account?

I promise, it's all in the name of research for YA Confidential--and I'll share everything with you guys!

Okay, that's all. It's a short post today. I hope you had awesome weekends--and enjoy this last week of summer!


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