Saturday, August 4, 2012

Comment of the Week!

Every Thursday we ask you guys a pressing question and give you a chance to win one of the awesome books we have hidden away in The Vault. Then every Saturday we pick our favorite comment and let that lucky commenter choose the Vault book of his or her choice! Woop!

Pay no attention to the bloggers behind the vault door

This week our question was:

What's one YA issue book that really stayed with you after reading it?

And the winning comment was:

Rebecca Barrow

RED TEARS by Joanna Kenrick. It is basically my life in a book (well, if you took out the self harm and replaced it with plain old crying). It was so scary to read because it was so like my life - anxiety, exam pressure, friend issues...all the things that sounds little now but are your entire world at 15. It was like the author looked inside my brain and heart and put it on a page. So it really, really stuck with me, especially through re-readings.

Thanks Rebecca...RED TEARS sounds amazing! Now shoot us an email and let us know which Vault book you'd like us to send your way. 


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