Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mortification. We've all had it.

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Today's question:
What's one of your most embarrassing memories from high school? (We'll share ours if you'll share yours!)

Our Answers

Karen: Oh, man. I accidentally threw my retainer out with my trash at lunch, but didn't realize it until almost an hour after all lunch periods ended. I KNEW my mom and dad would kick my butt if I lost that thing, so I had to go out back of the cafeteria and dumpster dive until I found it. I did find it, but holy rotten halibut, I stunk after I climbed out of there. I spent the rest of the day, and the bus ride home, hearing all kinds of jokes and comments about how bad I smelled.

Matt: My lord. Which one to pick? Probably being expelled, and then having to report to the drama teacher, who I really looked up to, that I wouldn't be able play my part in the play. Crap. Now I'm crying remembering it.

Alison: I don’t have any because I’ve, umm…suppressed them all. ;)

I WISH. I will reveal one of those things I wish I could delete from the Embarrassing Moments Archives. I spent my later elementary and middle school years at a private school, so when I entered public high school, I had no concept of a lot of public school-y things—like lockers. No really. I was seriously scared to death to try to use my locker for fear I would mess up the combination thing and be late for class. Being super shy and entering high school as a thirteen-year old sophomore (yes, I skipped ninth grade) didn’t help either. I didn’t go through a normal orientation and I was too scared to ask. So, I just carried around this really huge bag (it was purple—had the words Le Bag on it) with all my books (I had nine periods a day) and didn’t really think anything of it (daily workout FTW!) until, midway through the year, my chemistry teacher asked me (in front of the class), “What do you have in there?! A tent?”

I think I learned how to use my locker after that.

Cambria: Can I just say ALL of ninth grade? You guys. I was a walking disaster. I wore sunglasses inside, Cat in the Hat knee-length socks practically every day, silver combat boots to Homecoming, and the pep rally was like THE OLYMPICS of embarrassing moments for me: jello-wrestling in front of the entire school (at least I won), and lip syncing with a group of upper class thespians to Prince's Kiss (if you've ever seen the ancient music video for this song, I played the girl who did nothing except pucker her lips and play the fake guitar). Yeah

Sara: Mine’s a pep rally memory, too. Sigh. I was sick, like hot and fevery and sweaty sick. But I was on the dance team and front and center for the pep rally routine and NO WAY was I missing it. I pitted out through my costume :( AND the upperclassman girl who hated me—no real reason, she was just a mean girl (they do exist)—was in yearbook and caught it on camera and PUT IT IN THE YEAR BOOK. So yes. There’s a picture of me pitting it out FOR ETERNITY.  

Alexandra: I'll just go for my own jugular here and share something completely mortifying. Every year my high school put on a show of student-directed short plays. I got cast as a valley girl/mean girl character in one of these (unfortunately a play I wasn't interested in being in, but during casting you had to audition for everything). During one dress rehearsal in front of the ENTIRE cast of all the other plays, I completely messed up one of my lines. I'm not the greatest actor to begin with (read: I'm terrible, and I have no idea how I even got a part in this play or why I auditioned) and my asshole boyfriend at the time had just spent the morning treating me like crap. So when I screwed up my line, I got so flustered, I ended up quitting the play. ON STAGE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. I don't even know why I said it; I didn't mean it and it just sort of came out of my mouth before I could think. It was AWFUL, and I still feel embarrassed when I think about it today!

Jessica: I was in a math class with one of my best friends and also this guy I had a HUGE crush on...Milton. (YES, I SWEAR his name was Milton. But he was a HOT Milton...a ginger soccer player, so you know Teen Jess was all about it.) I was pretty obsessed with Milton, and I spent all of my days trying to figure out how to get him to glance in my direction. Well, back when I was in high school and dinosaurs roamed the earth, those Mickey Mouse watches were popular. Someone in my class (maybe it was me? Maybe it was by bff? Maybe it was someone else?) had one that played the Mickey Mouse Club theme song and it went off one day, inspiring me to scribble down on a piece of paper M-I-L-T-O-N M-O-U-S-E and pass it to my bestie. Well, the note was intercepted by this guy my bestie was friends with AND HE GAVE IT TO MILTON. OMG I was mortified. I am still mortified, actually. (I don't think I need to tell you that Milton never ended up glancing in my direction after that.)

Copil: Not the MOST embarrassing (those are all under court seal). But there was the time I was making fun of this guy for wearing capri pants. He turned around, grabbed my sweater and felt the material between his fingers. "What's this? Acrylic?" He started laughing and, to my surprise, so did all the girls in the class. All. The. Girls.

Your turn!


Eliza Tilton said...

Well, first I got made fun of for being a senior dating a sophmore, but he was a really hot sophmore...then two months later he dumped me to go date other girls. Getting dumped by a fifteen year old when your seventeen is pretty pathetic. It's even worse when your heartbroken about it. Not my best moment.

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