Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comment of the Week!

Our usual Thursday From-the-Vault post gives you a chance to win a book from our vault. But this week, in honor of Banned Books Week, we changed things up a bit and gave one commenter a chance to win the Frequently Banned Book of his or her choice.
This week, our winner is:
Addy Rae!
Something that really irritates me is when people will jump onto a book banning bandwagon without having read or even knowing anything about the book they're working to get banned. I'm still I'm absolutely against book banning of any sort.

There are books that I probably shouldn't have read as a kid (Clan of the Cave Bear comes to mind. I read it in 5th grade.), but they didn't hurt me, and they often helped me learn about a topic without trying it. Sex in books discouraged me from exploring it in real life, especially since real boys can't stand up against imaginary ones.

My mom's advice on inappropriate content in my reading? 'Skip the sex scenes. The book probably doesn't actually need them. Just flip past stuff that makes you uncomfortable.'
Thanks for your thoughts, Addy! I think many of us have memories of books that stretched our mental boundaries even if they weren't on the same library shelves we typically frequented.

Get in touch, Addy, and let us know what Frequently Banned Book you'd like!

And if you want to continue the fight against book banning, be sure to visit for more information, resources and great products like the poster above.

Finally a special shout out to all the book banners out there. Your efforts continue to bring amazing books to the attention of people who wouldn't otherwise hear about them. Ironic, isn't it?


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