Saturday, September 8, 2012

Comment of the Week!

Every week we ask you, our readers, a thought-provoking question, giving you a chance to win one of the awesome books piled in The Vault. Then every Saturday we pick the comment that we liked the most and that lucky commenter gets the Vault book of his or her choice.

You know you want to peek inside
This week our question was:

Cussing in YA. What are your thoughts?

And our comment of the week is from:

mr. boardgame

I don't mind reading light swearing, but when it's heavy and obtrusive, it bothers me. Especially when it isn't true to the character or required in the story. I also don't like when sex or drugs are added to the story just because it is a YA book. If it doesn't help to deepen the character or move the plot along, it isn't needed and shouldn't be there. I think some books are bleeping brilliant in how they deal with this issue, and I fraking love them for that!

Thanks mr. boardgame! Your comment was both insightful and funny, just the way we like them. Now email us and let us know which Vault book you would like!


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