Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Real Teen Answers AND Call for First Pages!

On Friday you asked the questions. And today our teens provide the answers! 

After your first few weeks at school, what's the one thing you hate, love or would change?

LENNON: I hate the fact that I have to get up 6 in the morning everyday. I wish school started later. 

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: One thing that I don't like is the fact that so many clubs overlap with cross-country for the few couple of months. But that would give me less time for writing so...maybe a longer lunch hour? Library+Computer lab=FTW

LISSA: I'm loving how much at ease I feel with my classes and how the summer has calmed everyone down, which it tends to do. I also like most of my teachers -- they're laid back but are interested and take seriously the subject they teach, and seem to understand how much stress can attack students sometimes. What I hate, aside from the fact that I have to commit to a longer day - the school hour changed - is the fact that there hardly seemed to be a transition period from one grade to another. I'm having a really hard time focusing in school and capturing all the miniscule details, as per usual, because I feel like I've been rushed into getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully that'll change with the weeks to come, though!

BRI: As I'm homeschooled, things work a little differently, but I'd say I hate the Biology. Science isn't my favorite. But what I love is doing it all from a beanbag chair. Jealous yet? ;)

RIV: I'm a prep school kid (yup, I'm one of those) so we have these weird class schedules that are different each day of the week. And my grade has two classes, in two separate rooms the entire morning (no switching classrooms until the afternoon). If I could change one thing, I would probably switch my schedule with the other class's, because theirs rocks and ours...doesn't. (Also: homework. I would change homework. Because, presently, I'm drowning in it.)
EMILY V: After the first few weeks of school I want to change the whole getting-up thing. I think early morning classes should be televised--that way you can listen from the comfort of your home, in your pajamas, and if you fall asleep you can just watch it again! Also, no more homework! :P 
GRACIE: Hate: The negative attitudes and general stupidity of a lot of high school students always bugged me in the first few weeks back.
Love: Seeing all my friends again! There are always a big group of friends that I don't get to see over the summer that I do get to see once I'm back at school.

Change: I'm not sure... less homework?

Do you pay attention to the news? What news subjects interest you most? (like the environment, the economy, foreign policy, the election, etc.)

 LENNON: I don't really pay attention to the news but we do talk about it in one of my classes (World Studies Language Arts), so I am not completely oblivious. I like anything not related to the presidential race, I hear enough about that and all that is doing is making me dislike both candidates, that the media will never shut up about them.

RIV: I don't really have time to follow the news, or anyone at my school that actively talks about it, but I try to follow election news, as well as goings on in the Middle East.
BRI: I do occasionally. Typically I'm more interested in the election, especially this year (as I am totally and absolutely against Romney). The environment is another interest of mine.
CHIHUAHUA ZERO: To admit, not enough. I haven't been reading the newspaper regularly for the while. However, I keep myself attached to the grapevine.
RANDI: I pay attention to the news occasionally. My parents watch it all the time though. I'll pay attention if something really important is happening, but usually, it's just the occasional glance.
GRACIE: I don't at the moment, but current events do interest me. I think it's important to not be ignorant on what's going on in the world around us. I think I'm most interested in big world events, or elections. I'm not really as interested in business, economy or city news.
EMILY V: Yeah, sometimes. Haven't been getting the newspaper for years, but local stuff interests me, and environmental stuff sometimes too... 
LISSA: I do pay attention to the news, though I don't watch it every night at 6 or anything like that. I mostly hear about it through other people - my family members, teachers, for school projects, etc. I do have an interest in it, though, and have a very strong opinion on politics, environmental concerns and citizens rights.

As you can see, we have some pretty insightful and amazing spies and analysts! And each month, they critique one lucky reader’s first page. If you want real teen feedback, send the first page of your YA novel to YAConfidential@gmail.com and one submitter will be randomly chosen to have their page critiqued on the blog by our teen spies! They'll reveal what they liked, what they didn't, and whether or not they'd keep reading! 

Deadline for page submission: September 25!

If you've submitted in previous months, but haven't been selected, feel free to submit again!



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