Monday, October 22, 2012

Favorite Children's Movies

My favorite kids' movies, and why I love them so much. Because sometimes I'd rather be a kid than an adult.

7. Meet the Robinsons

First off, I just have to say, the entre reason I paid to see this movie in theaters was because of a 30 second clip that showed up in the trailers. It was the dinosaur, trying to grab Lewis, and then saying "I have a big head and little arms" and then wiggling about. I laugh every time I see that part. I love the dinosaur. But, my favorite part of this movie is the motto: "Keep moving forward." I don't believe in ever giving up, and that's basically the same thing. You might fail a million times before you get something right, but all that matters is that you keep going.

6. Kung Fu Panda

I actually didn't want to see Kung Fu Panda when it first came out. I thought it looked stupid. But I ended up LOVING it. There was actually a message about trying to fit in, and about being happy with yourself. The end part, where Po talks about how there is no secret ingredient, it's "just you" made me really happy. I loved it. Plus, it actually is really funny.

5. Tangled

Because it's adorable, even if it's super heteronormative.

4. Lilo and Stitch

I love the message of this movie: that a family can be broken, but that doesn't make it any less of a loving family. And Stitch is really freaking cute. I want a "dog" like Stitch (okay maybe without the breaking everything part.) Also, I can do the Stitch voice. No, really, I can.

3. Mulan

I don't think there's anything about Mulan that I don't absolutely love. Not only does it kick the rest of the Disney movies with (sorry, but) weak dependent princesses out of the water, but it's not set in Western culture, either. Mulan is strong and can keep up with the men. She's innovative and determined and doesn't give up. Plus, I've always loved the girls pretending to be boys in cultures that don't accept women plot.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

love Jack Skellington because he's a huge dreamer, and he means well, but he messes up big time. But he doesn't let that stop him from trying to fix things, either. And the stop-motion style of animation is so fantastic, the characters are really well imagined, and the whole film is just so well done.

1. Howl's Moving Castle

I adore Howl's Moving Castle. It's so enchanting. The animation and the music are gorgeous. And it's just different from everything else.

Honorable mentions: Spirited Away and Shrek.

Does anyone else enjoy watching any of these? What are your favorites?


Laura Marcella said...

I didn't really like Lilo and Stitch but the message is really sweet. I've never seen Howl's. all the others you mentioned I LOVE! Especially Mulan (it's my favorite Disney movie!), Meet the Robinsons, and The Nightmare before Christmas. So so good!!

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