Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween: the abandoned insane asylum edition

I used to live in a haunted town. (Apparently I moved to a haunted city, because there are ghost tours advertised around here, too. But, digression.) Haunted enough to land us on an episode of Scariest Places on Earth, with a haunted dorm, cemetery (several, actually), and woods.

But my favorite has always been the old insane asylum:

Here's the front of the building. This part is still used--they turned it into a museum. Back in the fall of 2009 I crept around and took pictures of the place, which I am posting for you today in honor of Halloween. (My apologies for not being a better photographer.)

And pictures of the totally abandoned wings. Some part of one of the floors (the first, I think) was turned into art studios, but vast expanses of this building sit totally untouched. I don't know how often people go inside, but if you don't work here, it's nearly impossible to get a look at the old rooms. One entire half of the building (which is huge and done in the Kirkbride style) goes completely unused as far as I'm aware.

There's a ghost story about a deaf and dumb patient who escaped from her room and made it into one of the attic spaces. Nobody could find her and she couldn't cry for help, and she ended up dying in the attic. They found her later, and when they removed her body, a stain where she'd lain remained on the floor--a stain that will not wash off.

They didn't put names on the gravestones, just numbers.

Right next to this cemetery is the tuberculosis ward--it is even more run-down than the main building. They don't use it for anything.

People broke in here all the time--so they went so far as to put barbed wire on top of the fence. If you COULD get past the fence (and people used to all the time) you'd see creepy paintings on the walls when it was used as a daycare. I think there's an old piano in there, too. Now, there's no barbed wire. They've cleared out the courtyard and cemented all the windows and all the doors. No getting inside anymore.

Some pictures I managed to grab through a window:

In my entire life, I've never seen a ghost, or a glimmer of paranormal activity. I've been inside the insane asylum (LEGALLY! Someone took me inside! Unfortunately I have no pictures, though I can tell you that there are rooms with words scratched into the windowsills by the former patients), and I've gone looking for some of the most haunted spots in that county (which are very hard to find.) Apparently even my elementary school was haunted. But no ghosts. 

Has anyone ever had an experience you couldn't explain?


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