Friday, October 5, 2012

(Re: The College Educator Interview) A Call for Questions

So ... after my sister's wedding in Tyringham, at Massachusetts' Hinterland Gingerbread House, I am now related to my sister in law, Sarah. The wedding was actually the first time we met. She's amazing! She's the mother of the cutest and most brilliant little one-and-a-half-year-old ever. My kids love him so much (and his parents), but this isn't really supposed to be a personal post.

Sarah is the also the Dean of Student Life at a small university in the heart of Boston! She's the perfect person for this post (and the subsequent interview) because Boston has more great universities than probably any city in the world. Sarah has even attended a couple of them.

Doesn't she have the kindest face? Anyway, this post isn't for gushing about my new extended family (though we do all love them, a lot). Instead, it's to introduce the teen spies, and you, dear readers, to a professional who works in post secondary education. Most high schoolers, and especially those who read a lot (and especially those who are smart enough to read this blog) will be going on to college. We thought it would be nice to interview someone who works in that world, and ask them what kids need to know as they prepare to apply, and then attend, a university.

So I emailed my sister, and asked her what she thought. She was totally down for it, and even though she doesn't work in admissions, we all agree she has a unique perspective on the life of college students, and think that her answers to our questions will fascinate and inform us all. But, all that being said, I didn't want to just write up some dry old interview, filled with only questions from a middle-aged man who's only barely attended college, and has no degree, or even much education to speak of (other than what I learned at the University of the Streets, and working at The Mountains of Madness).

So we're going to open it up to you all. You'll have a couple weeks to leave your questions here, in the comments, and we'll compile them into an interview to pass to Sarah, and then post here. In fact, I think we'll enter each person who comes up with a good question into a giveaway. I'll let Sarah pick her favorite YA novel, and then I'll buy it for the winner!

So ... fire away (you have at least a week to come up with your questions, but don't wait too long).


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