Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smells Like Teen... Regrets.

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Today's question:
What's something you wish you could take back from when you were a teen?

Our Answers

Sara: I could write a novel on the things I wish I could change—as long as I could still end up with the same perspective on life I have right now. So maybe my mistakes along the way were necessary… But I definitely wish I hadn’t pulled away from my parents the way I did. I’m blessed to have an AWESOME family, and I was so, so, so mean to them. Now, we’re very close, but back then? All that mattered to me was what I wanted, and they stood in my way (in hindsight, for my own good) and I was horrible about it.

Alexandra: Hahaha, I would love to say there's nothing, but that would be a lie. One of the things I wish I could take back is my obsession with being in AP classes and getting all A's. I didn't take any art classes and only took one music class because I was so worried about my GPA and my grades (APs were calculated on a different scale, so other classes actually dragged you down, even if you got an A in them.) I wish I'd spent high school exploring more--finding out what I was interested in instead of studying a bunch of subjects that would look good on college apps but that I didn't actually care about. Then I could have had a better college experience, because I would have applied to different schools completely. (TEENS IF YOU ARE READING THIS, TAKE ART CLASSES BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!)

Copil: I wish I could take back my fear of girls. I was scuuuurred of them, absolutely petrified. It didn't help that my buddy Kevin had me convinced they were changelings and could take any form they wanted. Turns out that only happens during the Harvest Moon. Stupid Kevin.

Katy: Um, I was a very, very good teen. I broke a rule here and there, but I can't recall doing anything I'd take back. If anything, I'd go back in time and take a few more risks (within reason, of course, because the goody-two-shoes never quite disappears!).

Jessica: I wish I could take back my crippling self-consciousness. I was always so worried about what other people might think about me that I never tried to do the things that might have made me awesomely happy.

Karen: The list is too long for one post. Maybe I'll write a trilogy on the subject one day.

Matt: You're kidding, right? Being expelled from boarding school. Getting arrested. Running away. Not going to college. I could go on.

Alison: Um…A LOT! Of course I say that, but know now how much my experiences have shaped me so, tbh, I really wouldn’t take anything back. I might just strip the inhibition barrier down a notch or two (or five) and I wish I would’ve ventured out of my shell a bit more.

Cambria: I wish I wouldn't have spent most of my senior year wrapped up in my boyfriend. There were many times I chose him over hanging out with friends and that's just silly. We ended up breaking up a few weeks after I started college and I'm sad of all the opportunities I missed out on because I only saw him. Teens! Young love will come and go. But friendships can last a lifetime if you invest in them.

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