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Teen Answers!

On Friday you asked, and today our teen spies and analysts answer!

Are you and/or other teens at your school closely following the political/election news? Are there many politically active people in your school, or clubs like Young Democrats or Young Republicans?

CHIHAUHUA ZEROI'm following politics through my friends, the television in the cafeteria, and online. There's definitely a lean toward the liberal side, but there's a Young Democrat, Young Republicans, and Young Moderates club. Oh, and we got extra credit if we watched the first Presidential debate.

LENNONNot that I know of, I am to the point where I want to throw things across the room whenever I see a political ad and since none of us can vote we don't really care all that much. We know if there are any really bad or really good stuff going on the election but other than that we don't follow it. We don't really have any political clubs.

EMILY: What election... Just kidding. I am up in Canada (boo yah!) and we actually do not have an election right now. Though I am not totally oblivious to the American election, I am not really interested either. When there is an election up here, I know all of my friend are going to be excited, because we will be old enough to vote!

RIV RE: I don't have a very "clubby" school. I don't know if we even have any clubs. I'm sure some people are following it, though most don't care very much. (I have about a billion and two other things on my plate. The fate of my country is not a big deal for me right now.)

RANDI: A lot of kids at my school totally disregard politics. I can't think of anyone who genuinely seems to care.
Do you know any teens considering a religious profession, like a priest, rabbi, nun, or minister? What would you think if a friend told you they were thinking about doing that after graduation?

RIV RE: I actually live in a religious community, where that kind of stuff is totally normal. Marrying the son of the principal of a huge religious school is not completely crazy, and wanting your husband to sit and learn religious law instead of working happens pretty regularly. Sorry I can't actually be of any help. ><

LISSA: I don't know of any teens considering religious professions, but that may be because there are many religion-based schools - Catholic and Jewish - in my vicinity, and more religious teens go to those schools. If somebody told me they were interested in doing that after graduation, I'd be supportive of them, for sure. It's very hard to follow a religion publicly and actively in our society nowadays, and anybody who has a faith strong enough to overpower all that deserves to be supported.

RANDI: My brother thought about being a minister for a while in the Christian church, but it looks like he's going to do other things now. I myself would have no problem with a friend going into a religious line of work. It's an honorable profession.

LENNON: No, none of my friends are uber religious, so none of them would consider something like that. I would be surprised but I would support them. I don't really care honestly. 

EMILY: In fact, I do! I know a number of people who are looking at going into ministry, and I think it is totally awesome! One of my friends is actually at a discipleship school for 6 months right now, and I can totally see her doing that forever!

CHIHUAHUA ZERONo. Well, technically, a classmate of a teammate is considering it, but I don't think she's serious. On the other hand, I'll be mildly surprised if a friend was seriously considering it, since no one is particularly religious, but I'll support them.
Have you ever typed on a typewriter or vintage (pre-2000) computer? Does your family and/or school have that kind of older technology, or have you only ever used up-to-date models? Would you be interested if someone offered you the chance to use a typewriter or very old computer?

RANDI: Okay, long story: My grandma is actually somewhat of a hoarder and gave me like three typewriters one year. Two were manual and one was electric. They're a lot of fun to use, and I ended up using them to write small little scripts and things just for fun.

EMILY: I have used a typewriter before, at my Grandfathers house. It is totally awesome-ly amazing! It makes it look way more professional. It is also tons of fun! However... there is not backspace bar...

CHIHUAHUA ZEROI had the opportunity once or twice, but I think I broke the typewriter when I was three. If I had the chance, I'm jump on it, but I doubt I'll stick with it very long.

LENNONNo, sadly. I really want to be able to work on a typewriter, but I haven't been able to. No, my family and school are pretty up to date. I would love a typewriter! I think they're really cool and professional-y.

RIV RE: I wouldn't be interested in using an old computer. (Been there; done that; happy where I am.) I would absolutely love to use a typewriter, though, for a few minutes. Not for an extended period of time, though. I like my backspace button too much. But it would be a cool experience that I would like to have. 

LISSA: My grandparents have an old typewriter that I used to type on, but since it rarely decides to work -- stupid old technology! -- I've moved on to newer technology. My family loves new technology and is always buying the newest version of everything, but if I had the chance to work with a typewriter that actually worked, I'd probably take it as I'm completely enthralled with those things.
Do teens still eat whatever looks good, or is there a general move toward healthier food?

LENNON: My friends and I enjoy food. One of my friends is a really good chef and can bake pastries really well so we enjoy that. Most of my friends have a high metabolism, lucky jerks, or work out a lot. So, food isn't really an issue.

RANDI: I know a lot of girl who are dieting right now, but as for me and a lot of other people, I just kind of tend to eat whatever, although I do try to keep it healthy.

EMILY:  I try to eat healthy, but I cannot make myself eat anything that looks gross (AKA: Mushrooms. I mean come on. They have hair)

LISSA: Whatever looks good, my friend, whatever looks good.

CHIHUAHUA ZERONo one's really obsessed with healthier food here.

RIV REThis question is kind of general. I don't know if you can just say "yes" or "no." It entirely depends on the person. Though I think many do hesitate before eating "whatever looks good" if it's going to equal their weekly calorie intake. 
What do you do to avoid getting sick? Vitamins?

EMILY: Uhh... My Mom is an elementary school teacher. Resistance to germs is second nature...

CHIHUAHUA ZERONothing. I don't get sick often.

RIV REPray? No, just kidding. I don't get sick too often, usually, though I keep getting colds on and off, which I can just combat with some sleep. I don't know what anyone else does... 

LENNONI wash my hands... and avoid sick people?

RANDI: You know that Airborne stuff you're supposed to take before getting on a plane? That stuff is amazing. Also, I avoid touching my face. I've had doctors  say the reason they don't get sick is that they avoid contact with their head and face.

LISSA: Oh HAAHAHAAHAHAHA. This is a good question -- I'd love to see the other answers. I. am. always. sick. I mean ALWAYS.Vitamins, flu-shots, antibiotics - nothing works for me. Allergy season hit me late last week, and then, of course, you know, once I finally stopped getting itchy red eyes, my migraines decided to start up again, and then the cold that's going around chose to stop by, and god knows I'll have some stomach flu next week...yeah, I'd really like to see the other answers to this question.
Are you allowed to use an iPad in class to take notes?

LENNON: You are allowed to use whatever you want to take notes in class. And I'm sure that no one has abused that rule...

LISSA: Meh, depends on the teacher. The old-school ones hate anything that came after the projector, while the newer teachers try to get us involved with everything we can get our hands on. Generally, though, the answer is no -- although I do have a couple of teachers that allow devices in for things like note-taking and for presenting.

CHIHUAHUA ZERONo one has used an iPad to take notes, but an exception to the no-electronics policy is to "write down" homework.

EMILYIf I had an iPad I would, but I don’t...

RIV RE: You make me laugh. My school is kind of anti-technology. (My principal HATES computers with a passion. She never emails.) If my school knew a kid had her own iPad, they'd probably flip. It's good old fashion paper for us. 

RANDI: Our school actually just integrated laptops into the system, which is going disastrously. But no iPads are allowed as of yet. The laptops are enough trouble as it is.
What are you planning for Halloween? And are any of you dressing up? What costumes? ;)

EMILY: I booked the day off of work to hand out candy. I am dressing up all in white with a mosquito netting hat to be a bee-keeper. My puppy is the bee. If it all works out, shall I share a picture? (YES! From, Sara.)

RIV RE: I don't celebrate Halloween. Never have.

RANDI:  I plan on just dressing up for the day. I have an awesome Fem!Nick Fury cosplay and I'll just find something to do that involves going out in public dressed up. I don't really do the trick or treating thing anymore.

CHIHUAHUA ZEROI'm trick-or-treating! Screw age! Now, all I need to do is to find a costume...

LENNONYES!! Halloween is my favorite holiday! I was due on Halloween but came a few days early. I am dressing up. My costumes are a modernized witch and Velma Dinkley.
Do you have time to write at school? When and where?

RANDI:  I find a little. Usually over lunch or in the period between the end of school and marching practice.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: Sometimes, before school for about twenty or twenty-five minutes, in the library. I'm trying during all-school study hall, as long as I avoid a teacher catching me not doing schoolwork, since computers are in high-demand. If I feel up for it, I can go to the library one more time for ten minutes. That's plenty of time; all I need to do is to learn how to manage it.

LENNONNo, I do not, sadly. We do have a free period on Tuesdays and Thursdays to do homework but with as much homework as we get, that period is actually used for homework.

EMILY: I wish. I barely ever have time. The only time I really have to do anything is on the bus, and it is too bumpy to write. Only reading on the bus for me... (Correction: I do write during school... it is just all school work)

RIV RE: I have a feeling that "in class" is probably the wrong answer. Occasionally during lunch, when I'm not incredibly busy doing a million things. Or a free period, though that's rare.

Thanks so much to our awesome teens for answering! And if you missed out, or if you've thought of something else to ask, stick around! This is a monthly feature here at YA Confidential :)


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