Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Good Baddies...

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Today's question:
Who’s a YA villain you've sympathized with--and why did you sympathize with them?

Our Answers

Cambria: Ty from Stolen and Mr. Anderson from Drowning Instinct are tied for me. They're both well-developed characters that ooze a certain kind of charisma that make them super dangerous to the main characters (Gemma and Jenna, respectively). Both of these characters gutted me and left me feeling conflicted in a MAJOR way. Even in all their creepiness, I cared about them.

Alexandra: Tom Riddle. Before he became Voldemort. What has to happen to a kid to make him turn into the darkest wizard of all time? Arguably he was a sociopath, but I think Voldemort showed too many weaknesses and frailties. Underneath the genocide and the evil, I could always read a little bit of very screwed up, twisted, broken and poisoned humanity.

Katy: Ty, from Lucy Christopher's Stolen. He did all kinds of wrong (holy crap! so, so wrong!), and yet I found myself empathizing with him. He was layered and his motivations were very clear. His intentions, however misguided, were good. Honestly, part of me was rooting for Ty to get his happily-ever-after by the time Stolen ended.

Jessica: Warner from SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi. I don't know what it is about Warner. He's so bad and he's so repulsive at times, but then when he was getting up in Juliette's face I found myself thinking, "Make out with him, Juliette! Just kiss him! You know you want to!" and then I was all, "No! Don't do that! He's bad! But...yes, do it! Kiss him!"

Warner left me feeling very conflicted. 

Karen: Troy from Megan Miranda's FRACTURE. The poor guy was messed up and thought he had found someone who could understand and relate to his misery. But Delaney tries to make him see the light and he just can't handle it.

Matt: Man, so many. One recent one is Quinn Cahill, from Passenger, by Andrew Smith. I mean he's a punk, and he's also pretty easy to hate, but he's so intelligent, so inventive, and there's a short story coming out soon that kind of explains where his intellect comes from.

Alison: Ty from STOLEN. I really wanted Gemma and Ty to have an HEA. And I attribute that to Lucy Christopher. She got me to appreciate Ty, to care about him, and to develop a wicked case of Stockholm Syndrome myself.

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