Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who's Your FAVORITE YA Author?

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Today's question:
Who's your all-time favorite YA author?

Our Answers

Copil: If you had asked me last year, I might have had a different answer for you. But I've had the pleasure of reading two amazing YA novels by China MiƩville this year. UnLunDun and Railsea are exactly the types of books I read YA for: inventive, well-paced and incredibly engaging from one word to the next. Yeah, he's the one to beat.

Katy: Seriously? We have to name just ONE? Then I'll go with Melina Marchetta, because she never fails to gut me. Her characters (and her romances!) are amazing, amazing, amazing. (That said, over the summer I went to a signing featuring Gayle Forman, Stephanie Perkins, and Nina LaCour and honest to God, I kind of teared up. So much awesome in one room!)

Jessica: Sarah Dessen! She's the author who got me hooked on YA, and she writes the exact kind of books I want to write one day.

Karen: Ugh. Just one? *sigh* I think I'll go with Gayle Forman. That woman has brought me to tears and left me in awe quite a few times.

Matt: Andrew Smith.

Sara: Melina Marchetta. I’m currently on a huge re-reading kick of my favorite books—and the first five on my list belong to her.

Alexandra: Easy peasy. Garth Nix. Very likely he will be always and forever.

Your turn!


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