Saturday, November 3, 2012

Comment of the Week!

Each Thursday we ask a question and invite you to answer for a chance to win something from The Vault. Then, every Saturday we choose our favorite comment and send the winner a Vault item of his or her choice!

This week we asked:

What book have you read recently that has the best cross-over potential? (Either from YA into adult, or vice versa.)

And the winner is:

Christina Kit

With the following comment:

Holly Cupala's Don't Breathe a Word. It's about homeless teens, how they create a family on the streets, how they still hold onto their hopes and dreams and still believe in love. The writing is beautiful, you connect with the characters, it's a topic everyone needs to be aware of and learn more about, and it's also about how every homeless teen is running away from something. In this case, the main character Joy is running away from an abusive boyfriend and from a family that really cannot help her. She can't tell her parents because telling them would destroy their lives, take everything away from them, bring her little brother down with them. All of this is something people of all ages would connect with, think about, feel for. I think this novel has a story that not only would appeal to adults, but would make a lyrical movie as well, for all ages. It's about hope and love and even forgiving yourself.

Congratulations, Christina! I'm a big Holly Cupala fan as well. Drop us an email (yaconfidential [at] gmail [dot] com) and let us know what Vault item you'd like. 

Thanks so much to everyone who commented this week!


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