Saturday, November 17, 2012

Comment of the Week!

Every Thursday we put our heads together and come up with a teen-related question for you all to ponder. Then on Saturday we choose our favorite comment, and the author gets to crack open the vault to peek at what we're hiding inside.

Our Valut has hit the can pick the book of your choice, too!

This week's question:

What book rocks your favorite YA love triangle?

And the comment of the week goes to:

Jamie Morrow

Without a doubt: Cassandra Clare's INFERNAL DEVICES series. From chapter to chapter in both CLOCKWORK ANGEL and CLOCKWORK PRINCE, I found myself waffling back and forth between Jem and Will. It's that whole 100% sweetheart vs. bad boy with a soft side thing. I'm sure whoever Tessa chooses will make me happy, but it will also be bittersweet because the other fella will have his heart broken (assuming something else doesn't take him out of the picture).

Thanks so much for your comment, Jamie! Just shoot us an email and let us know if you want a book from The Vault, or if you want the book of your choice from Book Depository!


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