Friday, November 16, 2012

Tales from the Locker Room (And Other Stalk Worthy Places)

Okay, so I really don’t stalk the locker room, but I do pick up on some interesting things in my classroom and in the hallways. The holidays are approaching and my students’ minds are not on anything algebra-related. Instead, here’s the inside scoop on

what they’re watching

A bunch are going to see it went at 10:00 Thursday. I would ask them about it, but um…I have a feeling they’ll be really *ahem* sick today. ;)

what they’re playing

what they’re listening to singing (ya know—aside from the quadratic formula song)

PS—my boys sing it ALL THE TIME

what they’re saying


Okay, so maybe I just have one student who's determined to "make fetch happen." I think it's pretty awesome.

what they’re excited about

My school’s football team will play in the third round of the state playoffs tonight. My school’s soccer team and my husband’s soccer team will be playing in state championship games tomorrow (not against each other - PHEW). Lots of hype about athletics these days.

Also excited for Thanksgiving break which - PS - cannot get here fast enough. We are ALL counting down the days.

Happy Thanksgiving! Are YOU going to see (have you seen) Breaking Dawn 2? Black Ops fan? What songs are you singing?


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