Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fave YA Community Moments!

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Today's question:
What moment with the YA Community was your favorite of 2012?

Our Answers

Jessica: The day I was asked to join YAConfidential! I am so happy to be a part of this awesome group!

Karen: My fav YA community moments are when my readers send me emails saying one of my books inspired them somehow. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Copil: What moment with the YA Community was your favorite of 2012? I did a writing retreat with some of the YA Confidential ladies and it. WAS. AWESOME. We worked all day and then at night we watched Veronica Mars episodes. F***ing Logan!

Sara:  Retreats, retreats, retreats! The one with a few of our YAC members was amazing, and others with other writing friends. It’s so amazing to get together and bond in real life. So inspirational. And with everything else I’ve had going on IRL, these have been the few times I’ve gotten good word counts for this past half a year. I also love getting together to with local YA writers whenever I can. There’s a pretty big group in DC and they’re freaking awesome. I ALSO love watching the YA community bond online when things seem to go wrong everywhere else. Yay for the YA community! So many big hearts out there.

Matt: Oh geez, I'm so out of the loop. Give me multiple choices for this one.

Alison: I’ve had a lot of wonderful moments within the YA Community. I enjoy doing Road Trip Wednesdays at YA Highway. The Writeoncon conference in August was fabulous, as usual. The Superlative blogfest is now one of my favorite blogfests of the year. But, I most enjoy the IRL moments I have with other YA writers where we can get together and not only talk books and writing and everything else we love about YA, but just hang out and have tons of fun. There’s so much rejuvenation that comes with that. So, I have to say my favorite moment this year was experiencing my first ALA in Dallas and getting to hang out with fellow YA Confidential Operatives and meet and chat with so many writers, authors, editors, and agents, and just rediscover over and over and over my love of everything YA.

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