Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teen Roundtable: The BEST OF

Alison: So is everyone ready to discuss their fave reads of the year? Tell me your best read of 2012...and WHY
Chihuahua0: -pulls up Goodreads shelf-
Katy: ooh, good idea...
Jessica: Yes! I was so excited about our favorite books that I knocked over my soda
Katy: Oops!
Matt: lol
Scotie: This is really hard... Can I pick several?
Jessica: I have many
Katy: I have many too!
Chihuahua0: If I have to pick one from gunpoint, my first instinct would be Grasping at Eternity.
Alison: Where is KAREN? She would love you CZ
Matt: Loved GaT.
Scotie: The Selection by Kiera Cass is probably one of my favorites. Right after I read the Hunger Games, I had a bit of dystopian kick and I loved Kiera as a YouTuber, so I read her book. I loved it. It had introduced a different type of society for the Future. Instead of one, over all "ruling class," there was a caste system which is different than what I have normally read.
Alison: Oh, Scotie - must add The Selection to my TBR. LOVE the cover of that one!

Chihuahua0: The problem is figuring out how to gauge how good is a book. I have trouble with applying the whole rating scale to reading.
Matt: yeah. How do you quantify love of one book against another?
Chihuahua0: The main problem is the 5/5 stars rating. Should I be liberal with it or keep it as exclusive as possible?
Alison: GR needs a 4.5 star rating
Matt: i only give five stars but only for books I. Love. If they don't deserve five, I don't rate them
Chihuahua0: Only one book has truly blown me away, from experience. A book is yet to rip out my heart.
Jessica: I hate rating books, too. When I rate on Goodreads, it's more about my feelings for the book at the exact time I finish reading them. So my GR ratings aren't really useful to anyone else.
Chihuahua0: Yeah, that's a problem. For example, I initially rated HERO 5 stars, before rolling it down to 4 after analyzing my true feelings about the story.
Alison: I want to know the ONE book that blew CZ away!
Matt: yes spill CZ
Chihuahua0: So the one book is I AM THE MESSENGER. The opening scene hooked me from the bookstore, and most of the text sent me into a giggly state.
Jessica: That book is one of my very favorites

Scotie: Crank by Ellen Hopkins is a book I just read in 2012. As a psychology freak, I love anything where the character has a questionable grip on reality. Also, as a kid who doesn't go to a "normal school" it's interesting to learn about actual high schools, even if most of it is told by a Cracked out chick with low self esteem.
Alison: Scotie - if you liked Crank...check out PERFECT. Or IDENTICAL. Those are two of my Ellen Hopkins faves
Matt: Interesting. I'll have to read them. People keep recommending Hopkins.
Scotie: I will definitely do that. I stole Crank from one of my friends...

Jessica: Ok, so I'm sure we all saw Time Magazine voted The Fault In Our Stars as the #1 Fiction Book in 2012. That's pretty awesome for a YA book!
Scotie: Is The Fault In Our Stars worth reading or no?
Jessica: absolutely. It's beautiful. That was definitely one of my favorites of the year...
Chihuahua0: I really need to read The Fault In Our Stars. I've read AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES and LOOKING FOR ALASKA. For me, those books were good, but not notable in my eyes. Hopefully, The Fault In Our Stars will live up to the hype.
Alison: omg TFIOS = SO FREAKING GOOD I cried and laughed so much throughout that entire book
Lissa: I enjoyed TFIOS, def worth reading
Katy: TFIOS made me want to go to Amsterdam
Matt: I’ve always wanted to go to Amsterdam, lol

Chihuahua0: In terms of more "mainstream" YA, I would say Delirium was another favorite.
Katy: Ooh, I loved Pandemonium... Can't wait for the final book in that trilogy
Lissa: My favourite read this year would have had to be Jane Eyre, but if we're talking about a more recent release, then it'd be Froi of the Exiles or the books from the Dublin Murder Squard (which is considered "Adult" though) I also really enjoyed My Beating Teenage Heart by C.K. Kelly Martin. I highly recommend that if you enjoy contemporaries - it's the best I've read in quite some time, probably over a year. I had this huge emotional investment to both of my favourites, which is always key to me.
Jessica: Two big standouts for me this year were The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan. Which is surprising because I am SUCH a contemp person, and those two, well, they aren't contemp. BUT what I loved in each of those is the relationships between characters, and that transcends genre
Alison: Raven Boys is one of my favorites too. And I am super excited about the rest of the series
Chihuahua0: Oh, I just finished Raven Boys TODAY. That was another great book, but I kind of lost momentum near the last fifty pages.
Katy: The Raven Boys was in my top five too, Jess. As was Bitterblue, and Lovely, Dark and Deep, which I just finished today.
Lissa: Bitterblue was amazing!
Alison: Bitterblue WAS amazing
Katy: I will rave about that book to anyone and everyone

Scotie: I have a question completely unrelated to this conversation but I need someone else’s opinion. Has anyone here read A Thousand Splendid Suns.
Katy: I have, SCOTIE
Scotie: I have to read it for English and I think I might die.
Matt: That's by the kite runner guy, right Scotie?
Scotie: As a fangirl, I go through multiple emotional turmoil when it comes to books. I think this might destroy me. I have to ask does Mariam or Lalia die? And Matt, yes
Katy: Oh man... Do you REALLY want to know? That's one of my all-time favorite books, by the way.
Scotie: I love it, I don't know if I want to know...but I'd rather be prepared than read it at school and burst out in tears...
Matt: aw Scotie. That happens to me all the time, except, you know, work.
Katy: Um, there are a lot of very heart-wrenching moments, Scotie. Maybe not the best idea to read it in public. That is all I'll say… But it's definitely worth reading. It's one of the few books I've read twice.
Scotie: Okay... And, I know, normal people don't take kindly to fangirling.
Katy: Oh, I fangirl proudly
Scotie: Fangirls unite!! The worse part is when no one you know likes the fandom you like so you have no one to fangirl with. It destroys souls

Alison: Just because I asked the question. Alison is going to answer. My favorite read of the year - THIS IS NOT A TEST
Lissa: OHMYGODWAITYEAHTHISISNOTATESTILOVETHATBOOK So yeah that's one of my faves too. That's the only 2012-read I've reread this year
Chihuahua0: To me, THIS IS NOT A TEST had a gripping ending. Rhys, on the other hand...
Lissa: No I love Rhys!
Alison: Me too!
Matt: TiNaT!!!!!!! Best YA I read this year. Think I posted at YAC on it too
Katy: Ooh, great choice, Alison! I loved that one too!

Scotie: Has anyone read the Hobbit? If so, should I read it before I go see the movie?
Matt: YES YES YES Scotie! It’s really good and a really quick read
Chihuahua0: I'm ashamed to not have read it yet.
Scotie: Good to know. My friends are obsessed with Lord of the Rings so I figured I might as well figure out what they are always talking about.
Matt: LOTR and all of middle earth is my favorite world, but then I'm a dork
Scotie: I'm friends with people who would pay more money to get a Star Trek costume than they would for a car. Trust me, you're not that big of a dork.

Jessica: I will just throw this out there for those of you with blogs. Katy, Alison, and I are hosting the 2012 YA Superlatives blogfest at the end of the year. So you can play along and pick your favorite 2012 books for different categories
Alison: The blogfest is SO FUN
Katy: Yes! The blogfest! So fun!
*here's a link*

Chihuahua0: By the way, anyone interested in going into "best of music"?
Scotie: We can get started on music if people don't mind me ranting.
Chihuahua0: Well, I'm looking through my iTunes library...
Matt: I don't listen to much new music, but I do love Of Monsters and Men
Chihuahua0: Of the 2012 music, some artists include: Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, and Rihanna. Rihanna's new album is the most recent addition (along with Lana's EP).
Lissa: Ahh, Rihanna's album - I still need to listen to it
Scotie: Anything by Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, or The Pretty Reckless. Lana Del Rey is a goddess, so anything by her would be good
Chihuahua0: Lana Del Rey wins out in mood, Ellie Goulding in power, and Rihanna in pop. "Jump" by Rihanna is an awesome song. Lana Del Rey...for "Paradise", I'm mysteriously attracted toward "Cola".
Chihuahua0: Basically, team Rihanna up with Skrillex and Kanye West, and throw in a sample. Boom.
Lissa: My favourite album this year has to be Red, but I do think Take Me Home and Ed Sheeran's album were both epic. Mumford and Sons' music was pretty awesome this year too -- also, I love The Fray's Scars and Stories
Scotie: A really good song is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Alison: Well, cheap Alison is dying for Christmas so she can get her iTunes card and download some Maroon 5. ONE MORE NIGHT is on the brain often
Matt: like a tattoo!
Lissa: One More Night was meh for me -- too weird for me, I like their old sound better
Scotie: There is an amazing band called Two Door Cinema Club that a friend of mine got me into. They're really good
Chihuahua0: I think my dad has Two Door Cinema Club on his iPod.
Scotie: Not sure how to respond to that
Lissa: Two Door Cinema Club!
Matt: Lol. So funny to think of music old people like versus music young people like
Chihuahua0: I'm better at rating songs than books. Probably because I can listen to them again, and again, and again.
Matt: Rating songs is so much easier than books for writers

Chihuahua0: Oh, and "Best Radio Edit" goes to...

Chihuahua0: Of course, it's biased because the original version of "Lover to Lover" is my favorite off the album.
Matt: I like Florence, and her Machine

Scotie: Can we do worst of?
Riv Re: YES
Scotie: Trends and such
Riv Re: THAT's fun
Scotie: YOLO I'm aware that this has been beat to death but YOLO is truly just flat out idiocy. I understand what they were trying to do and I agree with the original meaning but what it is now is pathetic.

Did you find any new adds for the TBR? What was YOUR favorite book of 2012? Favorite music? Any trends you’re sick of?


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