Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's "Rave About a Book" Day!

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Today's question:
It's that time again! Let's all recommend a YA we've read recently that hasn't received the recognition it deserves. Ready, set, GO.

Our Answers

Alison: I have two (imagine that). First—AUDREY, WAIT! (Robin Benway) I heard about this little nugget of awesome from one of my blogging friends and it did not disappoint. You know that little thing called VOICE? This book nails it. No. This book SCREAMS voice. Like as loud and amazing and awesome as the music Audrey listens to. Crazy awesome read and I think you all should snatch it up off the shelves RIGHT NOW.

Second—WHERE THINGS COME BACK (John Corey Whaley). What? You haven't heard about it? It's that—ya know—book that won the Printz Award AND the Morris award last year. Yeah. Had I not been hanging out at ALA last year when the awards were announced, I wouldn't have heard much about that one either and I STILL haven't. BUT I finally read it over Christmas and OHMYGOSH there is a reason this book won two prized YA awards. Very poignant, mysterious, and funny. Very John Green-esque. And yes—very AMAZING.

Matt: I have no idea. I read more manuscripts than I do published books lately.

Cambria: Sadly, I haven't read much YA lately (or much of ANYTHING if I'm being honest)...but I feel like Laini Taylor's Days of Blood and Starlight hasn't gotten the buzz I feel it deserves. That whole series is phenomenal writing and rich world-building and I'm not exactly sure why it's not at the top of all the bestseller and awards lists.

Katy: Um... Have I raved enough about Amy McNamara's LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP? The title is so very fitting - it's a gorgeous book. And I just recently finished Cath Crowley's GRAFFITI MOON which has become one of my new favorite contemporaries. If you like fast-paced stories with very real characters, check it out.

Jessica: One of my favorites of 2012 was UNSPOKEN by Sarah Rees Brennan, and I don't think enough people understand how truly awesome this book is! People looking for an awesome YA heroine...Kami is your girlI It's a gothic mystery that is absolutely hilarious. Everyone needs to read it, for real.

Sara: Um, have we talked about The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay yet? Because it’s beautiful. I went on twitter a few months back begging for recommendations in the vein of The Sky is Everywhere and Jellicoe Road, and one super awesome book blogger recommended The Sea of Tranquility. And her comparison was totally accurate! I highly, highly recommend this book! Seriously, it starts off with the BEST opener—totally reminded me of the TV show Revenge. And then? It twists an turns and rips at your heartstrings in the best and worst of ways. In fact, I think I’ll start rereading it right now.

Your turn!


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