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Real Teen Answers

On Friday you asked the questions. Today, we provide the answers!

What was your best holiday moment?

LYNSAY: My best holiday moment is still opening presents with my family on Christmas morning, not just so I can open mine, but also so I can see everyone else's face when they open presents.

RANDI: I actually had a lot of stuff going on this holiday, but on Christmas evening, I watched a couple of good movies by myself in my room with my awesome new stuffed Yoda and my TARDIS hat on. It was just really nice after all of the hullabaloo of Christmas Eve and school and everything. And then on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, my family went to California for the Rose Parade and we got to see that, which was completely unreal and amazing.

LENNON: My best Holiday memory was during my New Year's Eve Eve party. It was me and four of my friends acting like ten year olds, playing Pretty Pretty Princess at my house until one in the morning.

LISSA: This year, my best holiday moment would have been ringing in the new year on a stage, dancing in the pouring rain to a concert, surrounded by my family and some of my closest friends. I've had so many other amazing holiday moments in years past, but this year's was pretty impressive, I have to say.

LAURA: Just hanging out with family, really. It's always nice to catch up with loved ones you haven't seen for a while, no matter how loony they are. It's all worthwhile at the end of the day when you're stuffed and happy and it's all OVER!

ERICA: I loved doing all the baking and seeing family I haven't seen in awhile.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: Going to Chicago as a post-Christmas vacation.

LEXIE: Being in a room full of 700+ screaming, singing, dancing Jewish teens. Not very holiday-esque, but it occurred over break, so I'm going to say it counts.

KATIE: Best holiday moment this year was having the opportunity to go sledding for the first time with my cousin Faith whose been sledding more then I have! I know I'm in high school and my six year old cousin has done more then I have! That's because I spend my time reading and learning :)

What did you want for Christmas and did you get it?

LYNSAY: I wanted some individual pieces of clothing and shoes and a new iPad case, both of which I received, along with some other things like jewelry, socks, perfume, etc.

RANDI: I didn't really want anything in particular, I just kind of told my parents I really like geeky things. So aforementioned stuffed Yoda (I am still not over how ridiculously cute this thing is), a TARDIS hat (and the first part of season 7 of Doctor Who. I'm still attached to the Ponds), and some really good movies. It was pretty great.

LENNON: I got pretty much everything I wanted, a new computer, a new tablet, a camcorder, clothes, money, etc.

LISSA: I wanted a pair of Uggs for Christmas and the Wonderstruck perfume, both of which I got. I'm incredibly fortunate.

LAURA: I didn't really ask for anything specific 'cause the people who bought gifts for me all know me pretty well. I was just grateful to get anything at all.

ERICA: I always ask for books and no one ever considers giving me any. I guess they think the book addict has enough books, ha. But I did get a Keurig which I have wanted for awhile.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: I wanted a Kindle Fire, some gift cards, and books. I got all three.

LEXIE: For Chanukkah, I wanted clothes and books and a nice new camera. I got the camera I wanted, and I got some clothes and books, though those are two things I will always want more of.

KATIE: For Christmas I wanted a my two front teeth. Haha, seriously though, I was missing one of my front teeth and I wanted an implant for Christmas. and yes I got it! The day after Christmas I had surgery.
Do you have a job or do your parents give you an allowance? Are you expected to do chores around your house?
LYNSAY: I don't have a job. I'm in college now, so I don't really get an allowance, my parents just help me out a lot, and I live off my graduation money that I have saved too. When I'm home, I try to help out by taking the trash out, doing dishes, laundry, etc.

RANDI: My parents will sporadically pay me to do things around our house if I'm saving up for something. I'm not quite old enough to have a job yet.

LENNON: I do not have a job since I can't drive yet. I don't any set chores but I will do something if my parents ask me to.

LISSA: I do bi-weekly babysitting for someone in my neighborhood, if that counts as a job -- I don't really count it as one, but until this summer, it's my best bet for one. My parents do pay me allowance ($30) a month, but I do have to pull my weight around the house for it. Unlike many of my friends, I don't get a free ride, haha.

LAURA: I do a lot of chores around the house, like cooking and cleaning, every day and my parents give me an allowance for it.

ERICA: I don't live at home any longer so no to the chores. I don't have a job either, though I'm applying for several campus jobs for the upcoming semester.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: I do get an allowance (about $10 per week), but from doing chores daily.

LEXIE: I don't have an official job (I have a volunteer job at my dance studio that docks money from tuition, but it's not formally paid). My parents don't give us allowance, but we're expected to do chores--cleaning up, doing the dishes, walking the dogs, etc.

KATIE: I don't have time for a job otherwise I would love to have one, my parents don't give allowance. I do have to do chores, they say it's my rent I'm paying by doing chores.

Does your library have a teen room or area, and if so, how often do you go there? Does it have only books, or does it also have games and other non-book materials?

LYNSAY: I don't think the public library that I used to go to had a teen area; I could be wrong. They did have a teen section that had teen books and books on CD.

RANDI: Oh yes. I'm actually off to one of our advisory board meetings later on today. We do all kinds of stuff. We watch movies, we have book club, we eat copious amounts of food, we play Quidditich. It's really fun. And in the summer you can volunteer, and they have lots of good YA. It's great. And yeah, we have a little corner of the library to ourselves with cool furniture and stuff.

LENNON: I actually don't go to my library at all because I read books several times and it just seems pointless to me. I'd rather buy a book and keep it then read it and have to return it. I know my local Barns and Noble has teen section though.

LISSA: We have a teen group, though I'm not apart of it. I'm not one for "book clubbing" or doing group activities, that sort of thing. The club is for entertainment as well as reading, and I do know that they played The Hunger Games movie a while back, so it must be pretty cool.

LAURA: My library's fabulous! It has a massive teen area down the back where it's nice and quiet and, thankfully, just filled with glorious books! Unfortunately, I don't get there as often as I'd like because it's WAY too tempting. I've got so many books of my own to read first.

ERICA: My library has a teen area, but it is just books/audio books. There are a few tables and bean bags as well. I don't go there all that often.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: More of a teen area next to the kid's section where all the YA novels are. When I'm at the library, I usually go there to check out books.

LEXIE: It doesn't have a teen area. There's an area for younger children with a few games and coloring books and such, but that's about it. It's a very small library.

KATIE: Yes my library has a teen area, that's where I get all my books. It has books, magazines, but I don't know if they have games or movies, I go there for the books.

Are you planning to go to college in your area, or go out of state or in another area in your state? Would you like to spend some time studying abroad, either as a high school exchange student or in college?

LYNSAY: I'm in college in my home state. It's about two and a half hours away from where I'm from. I've thought about studying abroad, but I'm not sure about it. It can be expensive and a lot of time away from everyone, but I haven't totally given up on it.

RANDI: I've never actually thought about being an exchange student. I might like to try it. I'm probably going to go out of state for college because there are no good film schools in Alabama, and that's what I want to do. Maybe California for that.

LENNON: One of prerequisites for any college I go to is the fact that it has to be several hundred miles from where I am now. I don't want to stay in the city or even in this state.

LISSA: While there are no universities in my direct area, there are some in commutable distances that I'm considering. Out-of-province isn't really in my plans - I'm a homebody - but I've always REALLLY wanted to go to school in NYC, so we'll see how things go.

LAURA: To be honest, I really haven't decided! I'm kind of a "take it as it comes" person, I don't really make plans, which isn't such a smart idea when it comes to my future. My life is crazy, so I just coast along day-to-day, taking what it gives me and then trying to work with it. I don't know for sure what I'll be doing in the next five minutes let alone the next five years! It's a bit like living on the edge, really. I guess you could call me a daredevil. Or a loser. Yeah, probably the latter...

ERICA: I'm a sophomore in college and I kind of already did both. Last year I was out in Boston as Boston University and this year I transferred to a school closer to home for several reasons. And I would LOVE to study abroad but I don't think I will, due to the cost and my double major/my timeline with graduating on time.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: I'm definitely going out of state, maybe to one of the coasts. I also might go abroad to France or another country.

LEXIE: I am definitely, definitely, definitely not going to college anywhere in my state. I'm not saying I necessarily want to move across the country, and I'm not saying that my state is awful, but I want to get out of this place. And I would love to study abroad--I plan to travel abroad regardless of whether I end up actually taking classes out yonder, but I do think studying in foreign countries would be an amazing experience.

KATIE: I'm planning on going to college in Hawaii, depending on how many scholarships I get... I think it would be a great experience to study abroad or be an exchange student.

Huge thank yous to our SPIES and ANALYSTS! And thank YOU for asking such amazing questions! Also, if you've thought of another question, or missed the post to ask it--don't worry. We'll be back with another ask-a-teen feature next month!


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