Sunday, February 24, 2013

Comment of the Month - February!

Every Thursday we ask you a teen-related question and then on the last weekend of the month we choose the month's best comment and the author gets to choose a book from our vault or the BookDepository!

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Our choice for comment of the month answered the question:

What do you think is the biggest difference between when you were a teen and what it's like to be a teen now?

And our winner is. . .

Texas Book Lover!!
Definitely technology. When I was a teenager the only computers were DOS and the internet was nonexistent (at least in my house). There were no social networking sites to worry about updating. Cell phones were these humongous bricks that still had to be connected to your cigarette lighter at all times to make a call. But somehow we still managed to cause lots of drama and get into the same amount of trouble, probably more...except now we have the technology to prove it...I mean document it.
Excellent trip in the Wayback Machine! TBL gets credit for reminding us (those of us old enough to remember) how absolutely hideous early cell phones were and how unashamed we were to use them.
I mean, c'mon, they were awful!
Good job, TBL!! Get in touch and let us know which book you'd like us to send you!

And thanks to everyone who participated this month and gave us their great support and feedback! See you next time!


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