Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Book Recs!

Every Thursday, we post a question for our followers--and on the last Saturday of the month, one of the commenters will be selected to choose a title from our Vault! Whatever we have available: ARCs, signed books, awesome books... OR the book of your choice from the Book Depository!

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Today's question:
What's the best book you read in February--and what made it so spectacular?

Our Answers

Copil: Dodger by Terry Pratchett. Set in Victorian London Dodger is up there with Railsea as a YA novel that expands what YA can be. The prose is typical of Pratchett in its wit and lyricism and his main character is a charming rogue you cheer for the whole way. I loved this book! It's not just my February pick, it's my favorite read of the year and will be tough to beat.

Jessica: The best book I've read this month was JUST ONE DAY by Gayle Forman. Paris + travel + kissing + self discovery + absolutely gorgeous writing = 5 stars from Jess.

Cambria; I read Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects and  loved it! It's a dark mystery with a very flawed protagonist and a cast of characters who are so unlikable, you're instantly intrigued by them. I'm just in awe of Gillian Flynn's work!

Karen: Splintered by AG Howard. It was NOT light and fluffy Disney Wonderland, nor did it stay totally accurate to Lewis Carroll's version, but that's the fun of retelling a classic. I thought Splintered was brilliant--dark and twisted at times, but clearly that was the intention. Howard made my skin crawl and my heart break more than once.

Katy: Jess totally beat me to it, but I'm going with Gayle Forman's JUST ONE DAY as well. Such a gorgeous story of self discovery with a main character I could totally relate to. And Willem... Yes, please! (Honorable mentions to THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT by Veronica Rossi and TAKEN by ERIN BOWMAN - two stunning dystopian-esque novels I couldn't put down!)

Matt: The best book I read in February was EMPTY, by K.M. Walton. It's a terrible, tragic, heartrending story, but it's also a powerful and important read.

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