Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do you branch out?

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Today's question:
Do you read solely YA, or do you branch into adult as well? (Or New Adult?) Have you read anything recently that branches into more than one category?

Our Answers

Alexandra: I read a lot of adult, actually. I will read any kind of fantasy for almost any age group!

Jessica: I read almost exclusively YA...just because I like it the most. I read a little bit of MG here and there, and the occasional adult book. I recently read my friend Macy Beckett's adult contemporary romance A SHOT OF SULTRY and it was awesome...makes me think I should read more adult romance.

Sara: I’ve actually been on a HUGE adult crime novel kick. Stieg Larsson’s books and Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series. (Which, admittedly, is the funniest MC name in the world. Though apparently Hole isn’t pronounced the same in Norway!) I love YA most of all, of course, but sometimes I need a break, if I’m completely honest. It makes YA all the better to come back to :)

Katy: I read mostly YA, but if someone (my mom, usually) recommends an adult book to me, I'm happy to give it a go. Over the last few months I read all three of Gillian Flynn's novels and loved them. I also recently read LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP and JUST ONE DAY, both of which are amazing and might be considered NA since the main characters are beyond high school. 

Alison: I read a lot of adult books for my book club and some MG that my daughter begs me forces me to read. I've read some really good ones: The Percy Jackson series, THE HELP. BOSSYPANTS. And I love the Women's Murder Club Series by James Patterson. But nothing lives up to YA.

Copil: I read a lot of MG, sci-fi and non-fiction in addition to YA.

Matt: I read everything. MG, YA, Adult. I've never come across an NA novel, but I would read one if it looked good.

Your turn!


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