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Real Teen Answers

On Friday you asked the questions. Today our teens provide the answers!

Does slut-shaming happen in your school? Is it considered bullying by teachers and principals? What are your thoughts about it?

RANDI: Slut shaming happens all the time every day at my school and it is the saddest thing to me. And it's not so much that teachers won't punish the kids who are being bullies, it's that these kids are clever to know when to make their rude remarks. It's depressing, and just another reason I loathe going to school every day.

ERICA: I don't think it really happened as extreme as it is shown in a lot of YA today at my school.

LYNSAY: If you're referring to just being critical towards a girl because she has had multiple sex partners, I think it goes on. I think teachers would consider it bullying just because it's basically calling someone an inappropriate name. I think also sometimes it's just used as this go to insult. If a girl gets into a fight with another girl about something, all these stereotypical insults come out like "you're fat" or "you're ugly" and I think that calling someone a slut is one of those things.

EMILY: If it happens, I don't know about it. I have a tendency to stay away from those kinds of people.

KATIE: I don't really know of any sluts at my school. I mean I know there're some but I'm not in that group of I don't think their shamed publicly. Bullying is bullying no matter who it's to or what it's about and teacher's and the principal at my school shames that as much as possible.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: I haven't witnessed it firsthand, but I think some people have this attitude in their mindset. With my school, I don't know what their policy about it is, but their efforts are focused more on cyberbullying, especially due to recent events within the district.

What are your favorite social networking sites?

LYNSAY: I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. I have to say Tumblr is probably one of my favorites. I mean Facebook and Twitter are pretty typical, but I love me some Tumblr!

ERICA: Twitter is most definitely my favorite.

RIV: I'm slightly very addicted to tumblr, though I'm not sure if you consider that "social networking" as I mostly use it to fangirl... I don't at this point have a G+ or a Facebook, even though I sort of wish I did

RANDI: Tumblr. I use facebook to keep in touch with people I know, but I'm on Tumblr most of the time, although I do spend quite a lot of downtime of Goodreads as well.

EMILY: Facebook, Tumblr

KATIE: Facebook, I don't tweet. It seems facebook is my generation and tweeting is the generation after mine.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: Right now, I'll have to go with Twitter, since I check it daily. I've fallen out of Tumblr and Google+ temporarily, but I'll probably go back to them soon. On the other hand, I'm not a Facebook kind of guy. I only use it for Rafflecopter contests and such.

Do bookstores or other places in your town regularly give you a chance to meet writers you like? Have you ever met one of your favorite writers or written a fan letter or e-mail?

ERICA: I go to a book store in a suburb of Chicago that is about 2 hours away all the time. I've never written a fan letter, but I have met quite a few of my favorite authors and I also chat with them on twitter quite often.

LYNSAY: I think the Barnes and Noble sometimes has authors. I see it advertised sometimes, but not anyone I've ever really wanted to meet. Also being at college there are a lot of different authors that come to speak. I've never emailed or written in, but I think I have commented on an author's post on their website before, which I check often.

EMILY: Unfortunately, no. There is one bookstore that often has book signings and stuff, but never authors that I want to meet. Usually it is more local people.

RANDI: My library does more author stuff than the bookstore. However I've only been to an author even once. I got to meet Rachel Hawkins, who wrote the Hex Hall books, and Myra McEntire, who writes the Hourglass books. Both were incredibly sweet and funny and it was a great evening.

KATIE: I can think of only one time an author can to my town and that was years ago. I would love more opportunities to authors but they just don't come here. I've written fan mail but never mailed it.

RIV: I live in NYC, so it's kind of hard not to have met authors I admire. There are a ton of great bookstores with fantastic events in New York, and I may or may not have seen John Green at his Carnegie Hall event last January.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: Not only there are plenty of indie bookstores in the general area, but the nearest major library hosts lots of authors events.

Oh! And there's one local author that I've seen again and again, to the point that she remembers me. I have the photos to prove it, but I'll refrain from revealing them. ;)

On the other hand, I've never really written a fan letter to an author. I emailed Stephan Patis of Pearls Before Swine twice, but...

Do you have any favorite or least-favorite trends in book covers? Does the frequent headless/part of the body missing cover really help teen readers with imagining themselves as the character?

ERICA: I know a lot of people don't like them, but I quite adore the girls in a dress covers. I think they are gorgeous. And while a good portion of the time they may not have anything to do with what's inside of the book, I still think they have some appeal.

LYNSAY: I hate when I see repeated or very similar covers. I'm not opposed to the missing head covers, but I don't necessarily picture myself. I think it does help me use my imagination about what the characters look like, but I might picture them the way I wanted to anyway, even if I could see their face.

KATIE: I like abstract covers, the body stuff is just weird in my opinion.

RIV: It's not a trend, but I love weapon covers. I feel like those give you at least a little bit of a feel for the book. I'm kind of sick of the partial-body covers. There's nothing interesting there. It's just a pretty dress/face/leg/whatever. And no, I never really imagine myself as a character just because she's faceless.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: Personally, I think that covers with models don't have that pop compared to covers with icons or especially artsy designs. I'll refrain from ranting here, but let's say that there's a reason why Twilight started a cover trend by itself.
As for the last part? I'm not that kind of reader. I rarely imagine myself as the character so its a nonfactor on my part.

EMILY: I really don't like the headless covers. They kinda freak me out, and then I make a picture in my head for the characters anyways. Mind you, even when there is a picture on the front I still do that

RANDI: I've kind of had it with drowning girls. There are a lot of drowning girls on book covers now. Also, the giant dresses on supermodels. It was cool for a while, but now it's just kind of so so. Also, I never knew that by the "missing head" covers you were supposed to imagine yourself as the character. That just never occurred to me

What are your plans for the upcoming spring holidays (Easter, Passover, any others)?

LYNSAY: There's a goo in the dark Easter Egg Hunt at my dorm, so I may participate in that. The Friday before Easter, I'm going to an Easter play and then my church has an Easter Egg Hunt. I'll probably get a little Easter basket from my family with some candy or little things. On Easter Sunday I'm going to get dressed and go to church and then spend time with my family afterwards.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: I'll be celebrating Easter with my family--along with all the birthdays for that month. We're that kind of family.

ERICA: I am just relaxing and spending my week reading. The semester has been quite insane, so I need some chill time.

KATIE: Spend time with my family celebrating the Easter season, and reading! I've gotten behind on my to be reads because of school.

EMILY: Well I already had my spring break, and my friends and I went skating and hung out a bunch. Other than that I don't have any breaks except for Good Friday coming up. Until I'm done school in April that is. But any time I do have off will be spent sleeping/doing assignments.

RANDI: None so far. My family wants to go to a beach of some sort is all I know. I really don't know. I just plan on reading a lot.

RIV: Spring cleaning, writing, and sleep! (Also, force my sister to teach me math since she has spring break, too.)

Huge thank yous to our SPIES and ANALYSTS! And thank YOU for asking such amazing questions! Also, if you've thought of another question, or missed the post to ask it--don't worry. We'll be back with another ask-a-teen feature next month!



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