Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Fling!

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Today's question:
Happy spring!!! If you were a teen (or if you ARE a teen) which character from which book would you want to escort you to a spring fling dance?

Our Answers

Jessica: I feel like a lot of the YA guys I've read about recently probably wouldn't actually dance with me, and a dance date who would actually dance with me would be a must! I think right now I'm going to go with Sai from THE REECE MALCOM LIST. He would look amazing in pictures with me, but also wouldn't be afraid to dork out on the dance floor and sing along with all the songs. 

Katy: Jonah Griggs, obviously. He's my default answer for all romantic "Which YA character...?" questions. :-) 

Alison: Haha. One? I'd need five limos for all the YA guys I'd want to escort me. Normally, I'd narrow it down to  Heath Luck (HOUSE OF NIGHT), but since he's dead reincarnated in a different body, I'd curl up in my limo next to Gansey (THE RAVEN BOYS). And Adam Wilde (WHERE SHE WENT). Peeta. Fang (MAXIMUM RIDE) James (AUDREY, WAIT!) Jonah (JELLICOE ROAD). Michael and Kaleb (HOURGLASS/TIMEPIECE).
Okay, I'll stop. Apparently, I'd have a very packed limo.

Copil: I'd ask Iko, the artificial intelligence from Marisa Meyer's Cinder. Robots are hot plus having the tensile strength of depleted uranium might come in handy when someone tries to cut in on the dance floor. 

Matt: If I was a teenager, I would want to go to a dance with Baker Trieste, from Sex and Violence, by Carrie Mesrobian.

Sara: Keefe from the MG Keeper of the Lost Cities. When he’s a few years older. Or Jonah, like Katy said. Oh, oh, oh! Or Cassel from Holly Black’s Curse Worker series. Or pretty much any of the Raven Boys boys…

Your turn!


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