Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teen trends we wish weren't...

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Today's question:
What's one teen trend that you wish would go back to where it came from?

Our Answers

Matt: Photographing, video recording, and posting everything. It's the internet people, it's forever.

Jessica: UGH. Bullying. I know it's not a "trend," but the things I hear my students thoughtlessly say to each other makes me physically sick sometimes. I know it's just the old lady in me coming out, but I really don't recall being so mean, or the people around me being so mean, when I was a teen myself, and I hate it so much. I wish they would stop being so awful to each other all the time. 

Sara: Yes. Bullying. I mean, there was definite bullying when I was a teen, but I think the advances in social media have made it WAY worse. Youtube and forums… Nastiness feeds on nastiness, and instead of only having peers to egg bullying on, bullies now have access to every jackass available all over the world. I don’t wish bullying went back to where it came from, because it was pretty awful back then, too, I just want compassion to be a lesson taught way earlier in life.

Katy: I'm going to go with Matt... The online over-sharing. I mean, I love social media, but some teens are taking it to a whole new level. Yikes. 

Alison: SAGGING. I don't understand it. At. All.

Your turn!


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