Thursday, April 25, 2013

Comment of the Month Winner!

There've been so many fabulous comments on our From the Vault posts over the last few weeks, but alas... We can only deem one our favorite. As usual, the lucky author of that comment will get to pick a book of his or her choice from Book Depository!

This month's winner is J Larkin, who answered the following question: How do you feel when authors speak out strongly about their political beliefs?

For me, it depends less on the politic at hand and more on how the author in question presents their arguments.
My best friend and I have been platonic soul mates for years. Over those years, we have both changed immensely. Political beliefs, thoughts on life and love and all the subtle nuances between, we have both flipped and flopped and altered and grown. More often than not, we have disagreed about SERIOUS ISSUES; the kind of stuff you see people screaming about during election season.
It hasn't mattered. Passionate disagreements can coexist with deep, personal respect. It's simply a matter of separating the person from the argument.
This is much trickier when we're talking about a person typing their stances onto a screen, offering them out to people they will never meet. But it is still possible to offer a piece of yourself, knowing that those invisible others may not like it, without being a huffy, red-faced screamy crybaby about it. The same is true on the receiving end: you don't have to agree with someone to like them.
And as for authors whose works are all ABOUT politics and such...I don't bother with them. I get it crammed up my brain's nose all day every day, I don't need it to take over my entertainment section, too.

Thanks so much for your comment, J Larkin! Shoot us an email ( to let us know which book you'd like from the Book Depository!


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