Wednesday, April 3, 2013


(seconds later, a bird flew in and ruined his whole day)
As Donald Trump likes to say, "This is 'UGE!"

But first, let's recap.

Last Friday, we told you about a revamped posting schedule that focuses on new content Monday, Wednesday and Friday, along with the occasional Thursday (just to keep you on your toes). Contests, current events, reviews, thoughts and rants. Everything you've come to expect from us!

Then on Monday, we announced one of our BIGGEST giveaways to date, including free books and awesome critiques! Be sure to visit this page to enter (and don't forget to tell your friends!).

But all of that was mere rain before the storm, hor d'oeuvre to our main dish, all-female Kiss cover band before One Direction takes the stage!

Today we are proud to announce the newest members of our family (all conceived immaculately because, c'mon, there are, like, twenty of us, and it's hard enough getting people to clean up after themselves as it is).

Please say hello to Jaime Morrow and Leight Talbert Moore, our new Operatives, Chihuahua Zero and Erica, joining us as special Teen Operatives, and Riv and Lexie, our newest Teen Spies!
To the confetti cannons!
Jaime and Leigh, knowledgeable and hardworking members of the YA community, will add their considerable voices to the YA Confidential Song of Joy (which is a blues riff in "B", watch them for the changes, and try and keep up, okay?).

Erica and Chihuahua Zero have been giving us their teen feedback for a while, but now we're adding them as regular contributors. Look to them for deeper insight into the teen brain.

And in keeping with our mission to bring actual, yaknow, young adults to a blog about young adults, Riv and Lexie will help our other teen spies by critiquing first pages, participating in our roundtables and generally skewing our average age down and our average IQ up.

Seriously, we are so honored to have such amazerbeamers join our ranks. Expect to hear these new voices wailing from the parapets of our hewn stone HQ. Actually, it's just an abandoned Little Caesars in Northern Virginia, but still. It's home.

Below is more information about our new Operatives and Spies. Take a moment to visit their blogs, add their feeds and follow them on Twitter (but not around town, because that's just creepy).

Above all, please help us extend the YA Confidential red carpet for them! Pull a little on that corner, it's poofing up in the middle. No, harder. HARDER! Dammit, now the other side is uneven and everyone's already here.

Forget it!! Just go say hello.

(oh, and don't forget to visit this page to enter our great giveaway in their honor!)

From all the rest of the Operatives, welcome aboard, newbies! We LOVE YOU!!


Operative: Jaime Morrow
Codename: Lady J
Legend: Once electrocuted herself in a bobby-pin-in-the-outlet episode. She wishes this bout of childhood idiocy had resulted in superpowers, but alas, it did not. She now makes better use of her time writing tales of ill-fated missions to Mars, unrequited and long-lost love, and trips back to fascinating points in history, all woven together with lots and lots of kissing. (Not all in the same story. Except the kissing. Every book she writes is a kissing book.)
Known Whereabouts:  North of the 49th parallel;; @MorrowJaime
Known Accomplices:  Captain Canuck & Dudley Do-Right

Operative: Leigh Talbert Moore
Codename: RCA
Legend: This one time, at band camp... No. This one time, at Six Flags, I walked through the chain link fence like I belonged there and had lunch with the Monkees. (What, you wanted the Stones?) Currently writes about unexpected things happening to random people and vice-versa. And what happens next.
Known Accomplices: Flower the Cat (a.k.a., FTC)


Teen Operative: Chihuahua Zero
Codename: Cee-Z
Legend: Once accumulated the massive fee of...$150. In library fines. He checked out a lot of books. Good thing his mom was willing to pay the fines off, or the Librarian Brigade would be after him and he would be blacklisted from seeing █████████████.
Known Accomplices: J.K. Growlings, the public face and avatar of Chihuahua Zero; and his trusty iPod Shuffle.

Teen Operative: Erica
Codename: Envoy E
Legend: Once stopped a catfight at a show choir invitational, with hair spray and a handful of bobby pins. Currently, she is studying to get her degree in English Education and English with an emphasis on Book Publishing and Professional Writing, with a minor in Library Media. Clearly she loves literature.


Teen Spy: Lexie
Code Name: Daring Defenestrator
Legend: Once ran from the gymnastics cubby room in nothing but her knickers screaming, "The Huns are coming, the Huns are coming!" and attempting to arm herself with a springboard and the desk-lady's 6-inch binder.   (this legendary figure was four at the time)

Teen Spy: Riv
Code Name: River Song
Legend: Purportedly has no soul, based on a lack of salt-water evidence found at the end of The Fault in Our Stars Once made multiple explicit TARDIS references while teaching a biblical class to religious students.
Known Whereabouts:


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