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Today's question:
What YA have you read recently that's had the most memorable setting(s)?

Our Answers

Chihuahua Zero: Okay, this is hard, but STARTERS by Lissa Price comes close. It's a YA dystopian novel, which takes place in an America where only the young and the elderly survived a war, and an organization "rents" teenage bodies to the old.

Alison: FRACTURE and HYSTERIA by Megan Miranda—mainly because the settings are full of woods and cold and spookiness that just add an incredibly eerie feel to the books.

Matt: I still think of summer on the lake from Carrie Mesrobian's Sex & Violence, but that's partly because I grew up in Minnesota.

Erica: The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau - It is a brilliant dystopian set in a futuristic United States, and a lot of the setting plays very much into the plot that comes out June 4, and the setting was very memorable. 

Leigh: I don't know if this counts, but I critiqued two writer-friends' books (one was Matt!), and they were both set in the Great Plains areas--Wyoming, Idaho, etc., and every time I read books set in those places, I'm fascinated. (Remember "Like Mandarin"?) Love that setting. I should try it. Problem = I've never been. :P

KarenRouge by our very own Leigh Talbert Moore. I could totally picture the entire theater--and everyone in it--as if I were part of the show.

Copil: I know I'm a broken record about this, but Railsea by China Mieville continues to outshine just about everything in terms of shear creative power. The world of the railsea is at once impossible and yet familiar. I love urban landscapes and city spelunking and this is one place I could explore for years and not get bored.

Jaime:  I can’t even believe I’m saying this after the Winter That Would Not End, but I loved snowy Watonka, New York in Sarah Ockler’s BITTERSWEET. Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian, but I loved this chilly setting with its hot cocoa, cupcakes, a Mom & Pop diner, hockey, and skating on a frozen river. I keep thinking about how it feels familiar and cozy despite the cold.

Katy: UNSPOKEN by Sarah Rees Brennan. I especially enjoy stories set overseas and Kami's sleepy, creepy hometown of Sorry-in-the-Vale is so atmospheric. I loved the numerous descriptions of the woods, Kami's family's little cottage, and the Lynburns' spooky manor.   

Jessica: IF YOU FIND ME by Emily Murdoch opened with the two main characters living in a broken down trailer in the woods with no plumbing ro running water. Talk about memorable! I can't even imagine living the way these two girls lived, and just thinking about it gives me the shivers. 

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