Monday, April 22, 2013

Trends We Love

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Today's question:
What's a YA trend, or theme, or character type that you'll never get sick of?

Our Answers

Jessica: I know some people say they would love to see some YA books with no romance in them, but I AM NOT THAT PERSON. I pretty much always want a romance. That's something I'll never get tired of. Ever.

Alison: I will never get tired of the damaged bad boy. Never.

Matt: I'll never get sick of flawed kids who survive gritty situations with just enough poise to make it through them.

Erica: Kickass heroines - there can never be enough of them in my book, especially if we are talking about fantasy.

Leigh: Hmm... I guess I never get tired of the strong, kick a$$ heroine! I love all the tough-girl role models who at the same time have their own weaknesses, fall in love... But it goes all the way back to Austen and even Shakespeare (King Lear, Tempest), so yaay! Never tire of that.

Karen:  The swoon-worthy guy with magical powers.

Copil: Robots, androids, cyborgs, clockwork men and woman. Humans are booooring.

Jaime:  Again, I have to agree with Jessica: I will NEVER tire of YA books with romance in them. In fact, I like some degree of romance in pretty well all the YA books I read. Another thing I don’t see myself tiring of is retelling of a classics or fairy tales. Love them!

Katy: I'm totally with Jess and Jaime on this one. Give me romance, in all its forms! I love a good boy-next-door set-up, or a unique love triangle, or a best-friends-become-more story. If a book is heavy on romance, I'll most likely enjoy it.  

Sara: Definitely romance! And kickass heroines :)

Your turn!


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