Monday, May 13, 2013

From the Vault :: Cover Love

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Today's question: We love us some awesome book covers. What’s the latest YA cover to catch your eye?

Sara - I'm a fan of DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT by Laini Taylor. Maybe I'm biased because I was DESPERATE to get my hands on the book and I love everything about this series (including the cover of book 1, too!) But I think it's evocative and I'd reach for it in a bookstore even if I'd never heard of it. (Yes, I know, it came out at the end of 2012, but it's still the first one to come to mind!) 

Matt - FAULT LINE, by Christa Desir. The release date isn't until this fall, but this book, and its cover, are going to shock the world.

Jaime - Hands down, Erin Bowman’s TAKEN. I love the rainbow colour palette, particularly the large amount of aqua/turquoise. I also love the tree branch and its reflection, the way the ground just drops off, and the ‘K’ that’s slowing being taken from the title. It’s just gorgeous from beginning to end.


Jessica - I LOVE the cover of ALIENATED by Melissa Landers! The colors totally pop, and I love how the human/alien worlds are shown through the picture. This is one I would grab from a shelf in a heartbeat. 

Copil - I love me some sexy androids so I'm really digging the MILA 2.0 cover and its visual metaphors. Cool stuff.

Leigh - Oooo... so many good YA covers! I do like Christa's! That is a cool cover. And being super girly, I lurv Kiera Cass's covers (ELITE/THE SELECTION). Being not-girly, Marie Lu's LEGEND covers are awesome. And of course, I love all my covers b/c I have the greatest cover designers in the world (Jolene Perry & Allie B)! ;o) 

Katy - I love the cover of CANARY by Rachele Alpine. It's so simple and unique. The vintage style and bright colors totally catch my eye. The stark font, the yellow canary, the iconic basketball -- they all come together so elegantly. Plus, I've heard that this story is told in a format similar to Jandy Nelson's THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, which makes it automatically intriguing. 

Erica - I just love the cover for Erin Bowman's TAKEN. Since I've seen it, I haven't found one to top it as my favorite YA Cover! 

CZ - The cover of STARTERS by Lissa Price looks cool. It also ties into an in-story image.

Your turn! What’s the latest YA cover to catch your eye?


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