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From the Vault :: From Secondary to the Spotlight

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Today's question: Which secondary YA character would you like to see starring in his/her own novel?

Matt - Hmm. Connor from The Marbury Lens already got his own storyline, kind of, in Passenger, so I suppose other than him, I'd really love to read a book about Viola from THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO, by Patrick Ness. I'd love to discover how she came to be on Todd's world.

AlisonOne of the things I love about Miranda Kenneally's stories is that they're all companion novels (taking place about or around Hundred Oaks High) and that characters who were maybe even just a teensy part of a previous story get to star in Kenneally's next one. Case in point with Kate Kelly in THINGS I CAN'T FORGET—a story I recently read but probably will stick with me for a long time for many reasons. Kate was a very, very minor character in STEALING PARKER (which, btw, if you read TICF, you get to spend a lot of time with Parker and Will again!), but her story (and that of her crush Matt) is HUGE—thought-provoking, swoon-worthy, and well…it hit pretty close to home. ANYWAY, since I have an affinity for boy books and since I hearted Matt's younger brother within two pages of meeting him, I'm kinda hoping Kenneally stars Jeremiah Brown in his own story. I know he doesn't go to Hundred Oaks High, but well…that's an easy fix. SO—if you're reading this Miranda Kenneally, Jeremiah gets my vote for his own starring role!

Jaime - I want to read an entire book/series about Roar from UNDER THE NEVER SKY and THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT. He’s funny, charming, kickass, and an all-around great character.

Katy - I'm going with Giddon from Kristin Cashore's BITTERBLUE. I absolutely adore his character, particularly how patient, sweet, and loyal he is with Bitterblue. Also, he's an adult, so this thirty-something gal doesn't feel quite so crazy crushing on him. And, since I just finished reading QUINTANA OF CHARYN, I'll add that I'd most definitely read an entire book told from Lucian's point of view. Love him! 

Jessica - I would LOVE to read a book about Drew from THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY by Katja Millay. He was such a fully developed character, and I loved learning about all of the little nuances of his personality. I'd love to follow him on his own journey, especially on a journey of actually falling in love.  

Sara - Totally with Jessica for this one! Drew from THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY by Katja Millay. And for the exact same reasons.

Leigh - The secondary star. The show-stealer... hmm... *drums fingers on lips* I've been doing a LOT of critiquing lately, so the characters popping into my head aren't "out there" yet. :P Two books that are out -- UNDER THE DUSTY SKY (Brennan) and THE ONLY EXCEPTION (Vernon) -- have FAB secondary characters that I happen to know have books coming out about them soon... I'm not answering this one very well. Sorry. Drew. Yes, he's hot. Let's have more Drew! ;o)

Copil - In RAILSEA, the main character works on a "ship" that travels the railsea in hunt of moldywarpes and other fantastical creatures. The ship is captained by Abacat Naphi, a one-armed woman of deep complexity and singular focus. I'd really like to see more of her and the early adventures that made her the half-mad clockwork woman she is at the start of the story.

Erica - Nathaniel from Courtney Allison Moulton's ANGLEFIRE trilogy. I just adore Nathaniel as a character and I think him in his own book would be pretty fascinating.

CZ - CyFi from UNWIND has a good chance of landing his own novella, due to both his personality and the inheriant conflict that comes from possessing the temporal lobe of a kleptomaniac.

Your turn! Which secondary YA character would you like to see starring in his/her own novel?


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