Monday, May 6, 2013

From the Vault

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Today's question: Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Who is your favorite fictional mama?

Our answers...

Sara -  I love Vane's mom in Shannon Messenger's LET THE SKY FALL! She's loving and tough and doesn't turn a blind eye to any of the strange things going on like so many other parents in YAs.

Jessica - Oh, it's all about Molly Weasley. Is there a better mom than her in the history of the written word? I don't think so. Caring, loyal, and willing to do anything for her kids, she's everything a mom should be. 

Jaime - First, I should point out that after staring at my shelves trying to come up with an answer, I noticed an alarming pattern with YA moms—dead, deadbeat, or just mostly non-existent. (I know I’m not the only one to spot this.) Maybe I’m reading the wrong books… In the end, I have to agree with Jessica: Molly Weasley is arguably the coolest mama of all time, fictional or otherwise.

Matt - I'll have to third the notion that Molly Weasley is the kindest, most loving mom in all of kidlit, if not all of literature. When she says Harry's as good as family in OOTP, my eyes leak this strange salty liquid, every. Single. Time.

Copil - Molly Weasley. She's such a force to be reckoned with, from her early howlers to the Battle of Hogwarts. God help anyone who stands in her way. Love. Her!

Alison - Yet another vote for the amazing Molly Weasley!

Leigh - Hard question! Jamie is absolutely right--the moms are often absent/dead in the YA I read. That being said, I loved the mom in Deb Caletti's HONEY, BABY, SWEETHEART... LOVED her part in that story. It made me cry. *sniff*

Katy - I completely agree with many of my fellow operatives: Molly Weasley rocks. As far as contemporary YA, I recently read Sara Zarr's HOW TO SAVE A LIFE and absolutely adored Jill's mom. She's present and loving, but also dealing with her own complex issues. She is a full, well-rounded character, which is pretty rare as far as YA parents go. 

Erica - Aunt Millie from THE GLEE CLUB series by Joelle Charbonneau - While she isn't officially Paige's mother, she asks as a stand in and is always up to something. I love her wacky banter and all the relationships she has with the different people in town. Most of all, she cares about Paige and is willing to help her out whenever she needs it. 

CZ - Can I go with non-biological guardian? If so, I'll nominate Aunt Nelly from THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD, for being with Vlad for all five books of the series. It takes effort to be a human and take care of your half-vampire "nephew" when vampire society is after him, and Nelly deserves some cred for that. Biological mother? Umm...

Your turn!


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