Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Chillaxin'

It's the last week of school over here, reader-friends!

I don't know if you're still going or if you finished already, but either way, I'm thinking about summer breaks and relaxing and CHILLaxin...

A cool drink~
This might be more of a post for writers, but I think we can all maybe take something away from it... I was inspired by the round table on social media and "twitchforks" and whatnot we just did (it's here).

Over the weekend, we had yet another incident of "authors behaving badly." (Possibly two, depending on your position.)

In the first instance, an author I've never met/don't know sold a bazillion copies of a book that was a radical departure from what she normally wrote.

Well, apparently she had an online moment about it in which she called book reviewers some very unpleasant names (because they liked her crazy book so much more than her usual stuff, which I guess she loves more.). It pretty much turned into a GoodReads nightmare for said author.

The whole situation makes me so sad. It's a little similar to what happened with our friend Hugh Howey, which we touched on at the round table (except he only insulted one misguided individual).

Writing takes a lot of work and time. You're alone a lot. It's so easy to spend way too much time in your own head at your own computer and in your own little cave. To the point where you forget what you say/post/tweet is actually being heard/read by others.

You have an audience; people are listening.

Remember that part in the round table about "If you would, please..." and "Thank you"-? I would add, "Get a group you can trust." It seems so obvious, but maybe it's not.

Yes, this blog is called YA Confidential, and as much as I love you guys, guess what I won't be doing here? Venting my authorly frustrations. Readers #1-Don't understand (and shouldn't, I'd argue) and #2-Don't care.

Okay, some do care. Your core group of fans. But in the vast ocean of books out there... well, who knows. Being scandalous is probably a great way to get noticed. Offending everyone is not.

Point: When the world of books is bringing you down, don't take it to the airwaves, take it to your trusted group. ...And I think this applies in all life situations, yes?

The second, "possible two" I mentioned up there has to do with an author who's been very successful writing a certain type of book. Last week, she released a very explicit book, and then a few days later she pulled it following backlash from her core group of reader-fans.

Said book went all the way to #2 on the Amazon bestsellers chart.

And now it's gone.

As you might expect, this has rekindled the discussion of writers using pen names for books that are vastly different from what your target likes. Yet in this instance, on Amazon, the book had almost straight 5-star ratings.

It's a strange situation to me. I wonder what readers are thinking about the whole thing. Do you get ticked when a writer you love puts out a book that's very different from what they normally write?

Did you read A Casual Vacancy? Did you like it? It's selling well, but man. Look at those reviews.

Anyway, all this brings me back to my title. It's summer. Let's all just chillax, yes?

Personally, it's my favorite time of year. And I think a little fresh air, a little time away from the computer, a little getting out of our own heads, can be a GREAT way to ease up on the world and on ourselves.

Hey! I'm inspired. Have a super week, reader- and writer-friends! I'm heading outside~


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