Monday, June 3, 2013

From the Vault Monday :: Inspiration

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Today's question: Let's talk about writing... Where did you find inspiration for your current work-in-progress?

Matt - Current WIP? Depends. The one I'm finishing up is based on something that happened to me as a teen, so real life, I guess. The story I'm planning next is a ripped-from-the-news type of tale.

Jaime - Well, my current WIP was actually inspired by an article I read in a newspaper while waiting for a flight in an airport. Basically, the headline was a BIG question, and I felt like both the question itself and how I (and probably most people) would answer it were totally a story. Two years later and I’m just finishing up a revision on that same story, still freaked out a bit by the question.

Jessica - I'm sorta working on 2 projects right now. The first one, was inspired by a reality show my husband was watching while I was doing something else. My ears perked up at the premise, and then I found myself glued to the TV to see how it all turned out. I started imagining "What if..." about the people on the show, and sort of worked out what the future held for them after the cameras stopped rolling. I knew then that I had to make this story my own, and I haven't been able to get away from these characters (who have now become MUCH different from their reality TV counterparts) since. My second project...thank goodness for YouTube! I'm finding TONS of inspiration there! I don't know how I'd write this book without it.
Alison -  The entire soundtrack from Grease. And anything by Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, and AC/DC.

Leigh - I don't have a WiP at the moment, but the inspiration for my new book Dragonfly (out June 6), was my old hometown on the coast of south Alabama. I actually wrote for the paper while we lived there, and I did feature stories on residents for our "Get to Know" column. Basically, readers would nominate interesting locals, and I interviewed them. I learned so much about the history of the area, and it was fascinating! It totally inspired the whole Dragonfly series. (Which is all FICTION--there is no developer family hiding a secret, etc.)

Copil - Los Angeles. I love that city, it's like living in a soap opera. And I love that it can surprise people. It has a subway, it was culture, you can ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon, and everyone has a story. All you have to do is open a blank page and point it at the 405. Done and done.

Katy – Inspiration for my current WiP came from a Tim McGraw song. I’d tell you which one, but that would spoil the whole story, and that’s no fun! Other inspiring WiP things: small towns, summer, best friends, baseball boys, and betrayal.

KarenFrom my readers who are demanding book 3 of The Kindrily series yesterday. I need to write faster. :) And seriously, reader comments about things they did and didn't enjoy are always in my mind as I write the next book, so they definitely inspire me. 

Chihuahua Zero - Right now, I'm doing work for a historical (1920's) fantasy. I've done some research for it, looking into pictures, looking into the city which serves as the setting, brainstorming what might be great for the story, thinking into the tropes I might be writing, and so on. I'm also brushing up on writing craft. For example, I might be using some elements of The Da Vinci Code as a way of constructing my plot.

Erica - I found inspiration for my current WIP in the media. I have seen certain things that really get me thinking and questioning ideas, and that is where my current WIP stemmed from. 

Your turn! Where did you find inspiration for your current WiP?


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