Monday, July 22, 2013

From the Vault - Writing Super Powers

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Today's question: What’s your writing super power? (Gorgeous descriptions, fast-drafter, expert plotter, world-building whiz, etc…)

Matt - Hmm. My best writing talent is probably small picture. Cadence, rhythm, sentence structure. I always struggle more with big picture stuff.

Alison - Some people say I'm pretty good with the voice thing.

Jaime - This makes me feel like a braggart, but I think I’m pretty decent at dialogue. Also, I’m good at coming up with ideas and then planning the heck out of them. They don’t always come to fruition, but they’re awesome at the planning stage!

Alexandra - Academic papers. I once wrote a 10 page paper about chocolate for a philosophy class and aced it!

Copil - I am very proud of my ability to make up words. Like, unawkward, meaning, "to make a situation slightly less cringe-worthy." Yeah, maybe my super power isn't really a good thing?

Katy - I’m good at writing descriptions – people, scenery, emotions, whatever. I think I’m able to set a vivid scene that puts readers in the moment. (At least, I hope so!)

Leigh - Readers say I'm very good at writing "real" characters (good guys with flaws; bad guys you understand). *shrugs* I just say Thank You! <3
Jessica - People tell me I'm good at voice. :-)

Erica - Character Creator - Most of my WIPs start with an idea about a specific character and by the time I am just beginning to write, that character is so real to me and it makes everything else work so much easier.

Your turn! Tell us about YOUR writing super power...


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