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Real Teen Answers (Part Two)

Last week I posted round one to your amazing questions for our teens. Today, I share their thoughts on installment books, social media, and first dates (along with a few other things)… 

What's your opinion on reading or publishing a book in regular installments, either online, in e-books, or through traditional print? For example, being available for premium members at a writer's blog, in interlocking novellas or novels that come out several times a year, in a literary magazine, or a long book put out as 4-5 volumes?

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: Serials? I've read some, but only as a collection. It's easier that way. For other kinds of distribution methods, I'll be interested in seeing them. Except literary magazines might be expensive unless they're virtual, and prose usually don't do well online. My preference is webcomics there.

RANDI: Well, I'm a comic book person, so that format works well for me. The cliffhangers and leave-off points can be frustrating, but that's part of the experience.

GRACIE: Online, I think that's a great idea. I actually did that for a while where I would send instalments by email to friends and family. It was a really fun way to connect with readers and make people aware of my writing. But a book in 4-5 volumes doesn't sound appealing to me... isn't that just a series?

LENNON: The only books I read, I read in traditional print or on my tablet, however, I would be open to alternate printing.

MADISON: That would be incredibly frustrating for me, to be honest. I don't even like waiting a week for a new chapter of my favorite fanfiction to be uploaded. I am not a patient person. 

ERICA: I am all about full length books. Most of the time, unless it's an author I absolutely adore, I will wait until the entire length is out before I read. 

What social media sites are teens spending their time on? Have you or anyone you know been cyberbullied? Would you delete your profile(s) if you were attacked/insulted online? Is 'slut shaming' a problem at your school? How would you respond to being shamed?

RANDI: Well, a lot of the people at my school just use stuff like facebook and twitter, but I spend most of my time on Tumblr. I've been cyberbullied once or twice, and it was quickly taken care of. I don't think I'd delete any accounts over it though. Only if it were constant and persistent.

GRACIE: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube... probably all the same ones you use. I've never been cyberbullied, but I try to be careful with what I do and say online. Depending on how disturbing any attacks were, I probably would delete or privatize any online profiles I have.

LENNON: A lot of my friends are on Twitter, I'm not. Pretty much everyone I know is on Facebook. And all of my friends are geeks like me so the majority of us are on tumblr. I personally have never been cyber-bullied  however there was an instance with a couple of my friends in middle school but I don't think any of my friends have been recently cyber-bullied  Personally I'm naturally so sarcastic and I think everyone else is, I would take been cyber bullied as a joke. However if it did get too serious, I can handle myself in an argument and would have no problem bringing parents or school officials into the situation. I think I would just block someone if they were repeatedly bothering me. There is at my school, just like any other school, both virgin and slut-shaming. Rumors are started about both the "sluts" and the "prudes" by the opposite groups. I've been called a slut and a prude so many time, I've just stopped caring.

ERICA: A lot of people I know do Facebook. My younger sister who is in high school is all about Instagram and Tumblr, in addition to Facebook and Twitter. I know different people who have been cyberbullied. I haven't seen slut shaming as too much of a problem, but I also don't go on much social media beyond being on Twitter and checking Facebook occasionally. 

MADISON: I love tumblr, and it's the only place I really ever get on anymore. Facebook just annoys me now. Instagram is still cool. That's all I'm really apart of at the moment. I've never really known anyone personally who's been the victim of cyberbullying- which, if I can just point out, is really low and sick and cowardly. If I were bullied online I would print put everything that person posted on me, to have proof I it happening, and then block them. I don't think I'd delete my account if things could be taken care of by blocking and reporting the bullies. 

Slut-shaming isn't really a thing at my school. If anything, the more people you hook up with, the "cooler" you are. But the word 'slut' is thrown around way too often, even if you're just talking about them in a way that has nothing to do with their personal relationships. ("Uh, she's wearing the same shoes as me? What a slut!" Etc.) 

LEXIE: As for social media sites, Facebook is obviously still a big one, although its popularity has declined a bit in recent years. Most teens have a Twitter.  A lot of them use Tumblr.  Those are the ones I see the most, and the three that I myself use.

I, personally, have been fortunate enough to never experience cyberbullying, and the same is true of my good friends.  I don't think I'd delete a profile unless the attacking became relentless and there was no means of stopping it, which is not usually the case--usually, if you report something like this, measures can be taken to end it.  If that weren't the case, though, I might consider deleting my profile/profiles.

Slut shaming is definitely a problem at my school. To be perfectly honest, I think it's a problem at every school, and far more places besides.  It's something you can experience in pretty much every aspect of every day life, which is pretty terrifying, all things considered.  

When I, personally, am the target of slut-shaming, I usually respond by obnoxiously lecturing the perpetrators, or just laughing at them if I'm feeling too lazy.  I don't believe there's anything wrong with wearing tighter/more revealing clothing or being confident in your sexuality, so I don't get offended on my own behalf, just offended that this stuff still occurs.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: Mostly Facebook, but also Twitter, Instagram, and occasionally Snapchat. Some of my friends use Tumblr. On cyberbullying and such, it has happened (I've written about it on the blog previously). I don't use my real name (yet), so cyberbullying isn't really a personal concern.

LISSA: Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Youtube, Twitter. The Facebook buzz has died down, at least in my area. Yes, I do know people who have been cyberbullied - I've been cyberbullied. No, I wouldn't delete my accounts unless it was something very, very serious, just because I wouldn't want to let the bully(s) know that they've gotten the best of me. Slut-shaming is a huge issue at my school - it turns best friends against one another, ruins reputations, and very seriously damages self-esteem issues. I've seen it happen to someone who was a friend of mine, and unfortunately, it's difficult to deal with those types of situations because often the girl being slut-shamed believes she's a slut herself, or refuses to understand or work with others to stop the rumours. If I were slut shamed, I honestly can't imagine how destroyed I'd feel - sex and whatever you decide to do is your own personal business, and when someone starts to make your business public and begins to demonize your behaviour, there are only so many ways a person can hold onto their dignity and stay strong in such a situation.

What book(s) are you currently reading? How would you dress for a first date? And does anyone like rock music? (If so, let me know what band(s) and/or your preferred subgenre: alternative, emo/screamo, indie, metal, classic rock, etc.)

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: I'm currently reading an Adult supernatural ghetto thriller. Previously, a YA contemporary mystery. Before that, an Adult police thriller. Before before, children's fantasy. All across the board, basically.

First date? Depends on what the date prefers, but maybe something a little more than casual, like a polo shirt.

I'm into alt/indie music, along with a lot of other genres. Like Top 40 pop, hip-hop, EDM, etc. I'm less familiar with the classics though. There's some wonderful music today that's easier to access than older albums.

LEXIE:  I just finished the Gone series by Michael Grant (pretty fantastic ending, btw) and am now rereading Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare so I can read Clockwork Princess.  For a first date, it depends where we're going, but usually casual cute.  And yeah, I'm a big fan of classic rock.  I'd give you bands, but it'd be a few paragraphs long. Pretty much anything in that genre.

LISSA: I'm currently making my way through the Game of Thrones books, after watching the HBO series and falling in love with the story, the magic, the dragons, the accents and *ahem* Jon Snow *ahem*. Sorry, something got caught in my throat. Truthfully, since I watched the TV show first, it's been hard for me to be as captivated by the book, but I'm just making my way through until I get to the third book, which should blow my socks off, if the TV show is any indication. For a first date, I'd dress well but with a casual undertone. Since it's summer, I'd probably try a dress (maxi dress or maxi skirt).  And I love rock music, all types. 

RANDI: I'm currently working on Orleans by Sherri L. Smith. It's about dystopic New Orelans, and it's really well thought out and interesting. For a date, kind of nice, but also comfy. If my potential date can't handle the geek t-shirts he can't handle me. And I love rock, especially classic and alternative, St. Vincent is my current favorite in that genre. I listen to so much music though, so if I were listing bands we'd be here all day. But to name a few: Death Cab For Cutie, The Decemberists, Churchill, Paramore, Heart, Thin Lizzy, Mumford and Sons, Florence + the Machine, and The Smiths. If you're a teenager and you've never listened to The Smiths, I highly recommend you do, because they kind of sum up the entire experience of being a teenager.

GRACIE: I'm currently reading BUTTER by Erin Jade Lange. It is really interesting and kind of disturbing. I have absolutely no idea where it's going, which isn't always the case with contemp.

MADISON: I am reading anything and EVERYTHING by Sarah Dessen lately! I just started Lock and Key and it's so good. She makes the best, most three-dimensional characters ever and I'm super jealous of her amazing skill. 

For a first date I would wear something comfortable but also something that makes me look good because if I look and feel good then I'm going to be ten times more likely to relax and laugh and have a good time. So probably skinny jeans and a cute top for the movies and ice cream or a flowy dress for something fancier. And you can never go wrong with a good pair of flats ;) 

I blame my newfound love for classic rock on my new obsession with Supernatural. Now if I could just find myself a '67 Chevy Impala...

LENNON: I am currently reading Deadly Little Lies, The Reason of God, and re-reading City of Bones and Divergent. For I first date I would dress normally, jeans and a t-shirt, but actually put effort into my hair and doing my make up. And I adore rock music, I love alternative rock, classic rock, and indie rock. 

ERICA: Currently I'm in the middle of about 11 different books. I have TOO many great books sitting on my TBR pile, especially after being at 3 conferences in the last 3 months. I've been devouring Bella Andre's The Sullivan series, which is quite possibly the best adult contemp romances series I've ever read. Like I am absolutely in LOVE! I also am reading Taken by Erin Bowman, which is beyond fantastic. And The Year of Shadows by Claire LeGrand, which is an excellent MG! Totally recommend them all. 

As far as first dates go, I'm a bad one to ask. I'm not big on the dating scene - I have too much going on, and especially most of the guys I meet at school don't want to date. This past year I transferred to a new college and they kind of spoiled me by letting me do 2 majors and a minor, so I am living the Publishing dream and getting degrees in English Education, English with an emphasis in Book Publishing and Professional Writing, and a minor in Public Relations. Then I also have all my other stuff like working for the university newspaper and more. Though if I AM going on a date, I don't dress any different than I usually do, particularly since I don't own like "casual clothes" I like to dress up every day. 

I am all about rock of most genres - Some of my bands I adore are Rise Against, Skillet A Day To Remember, and quite a few more. 

Great answers again! Thanks to all our teens for their insightful answers and to you for all the awesome questions! I'll be back in a few weeks with a call for more questions. Stay tuned!



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