Monday, August 19, 2013

What's up with your WiP?

Every Monday, we post a reading/writing-related question for our followers, and at the end of the month, one lucky commenter is selected to choose a title from our Vault. Whatever we have available: ARCs, signed books, awesome new releases... OR the monthly winner may select any one book to be ordered for him/her from the Book Depository

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Today's question: Which 3 words best describe your WiP?

Karen - Complicated, deceiving, magical. 

Jessica - Long-distance friendship/love (hyphenated words count as one word, right?).

Matt - Secret, sekrit, seekreet!

JaimeCataclysm, coping, do-overs.

Katy – Dark, romantic, tragic. As far as the writing process - complicated, frustrating, exhilarating.

Leigh - Angsty, swoony, ultimately satisfying. Ahhh... :D

Alison - Hormonal, insightful, freaky.

Erica - Sandman forbidden romance.

Chihuahua Zero - Mood-swinging, sadistic, questionable.

Your turn! Which 3 words best describe YOUR WiP? 


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