Thursday, September 5, 2013


So, you've heard us sing Cristin Terrill's praises and also sing the praises of her debut novel ALL OUR YESTERDAYS. I can tell you're intrigued.

"But what is this book about? I mean, what am I getting myself into?"

I hear you, dear reader. You want a little more information about this world Cristin has created, right? Well, what if I told you that she has four prequel webisodes that have been combined into one awesome video to give you an idea of the story? Now we're talking, right?!

In PAST IS PROLOGUE, you can meet awesome Em, you can meet sweet Finn, you can meet the creepy, creepy doctor and get a taste of their interactions right before the beginning of the book. OMG I got chills when I watched this, and it gives you a perfect taste of what this book has in store for you.

I love the idea of prequel webisodes like this...I've never really seen anything like it before! It's a really cool alternative to a book trailer!

What do you think of Em and Finn? Or webisodes like this in general?


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