Tuesday, September 3, 2013

23 random observations about school from a teen

Hey, teen operative here. Long time, no see. I've been settling down for the new school year the last couple of weeks. It's been fine, although I'm procrastinating on homework. I'm most likely butting into someone else's day right now, but hey, more activity on the blog!

However, I've been taking mental notes of various parts of school, both first-day stuff, along with general life happenings. Some of them are interesting, some of them are not, but some are bound to be insightful, or at least a start of a story idea or a conversation.

So here goes:

  1. You know about JC Penny's "First Day Look" campaign? No one really cares about having the "first day look" every day. I bet the ads are for the parents' indulgence.
  2. When the teachers have every play the name game, an often answer to "what did you do this summer" is vacation destinations. It's an unconscious way of bragging. Ironically, some loved bragging about doing nothing.
  3. Out-of-district students joined the school this year due to local drama. The traffic increase is noticeable.
  4. The second day of AP Euro, a string of students left the room for the counselor to change classes.
  5. No one uses the lockers still. All of us love our backpacks. That might mean me carrying around textbooks all day, but I can't be sure that my locker is in a centralized location. This is different from some of the schools in my area, so it must be an unique quirk.
  6. Technology is so cool! I was able to switch classes with my counselor over email without having to meet him. That probably wouldn't be feasible three years ago. I was also able to collab on a PowerPoint presentation with Google Drive, and my cross-country coach is sending out weekly newsletters and priming social media channels for communication.
  7. Oh, and my Comm. Arts teacher lets us use phones to look up words. And many students take pictures of the homework written on the whiteboard.
  8. Having one's phone being stolen is a common fear.
  9. Listening to music with one earbud during class is a thing. Can't do that with headphones.
  10. As usual, expect technology to fail on you. My teachers had problems with expensive calculators and the SmartBoard.
  11. The computer system apparently thinks a lot of us haven't turned in textbooks we returned.
  12. Despite being a very liberal district, opinion of Obama is lukewarm. But I wouldn't think anyone would've liked Romney either. Really, recent developments don't make the presidency look good.
  13. I haven't heard too many NSA jokes. I bet most people got that out of their system during the last few months.
  14. Telling from the French student's Q&A session, our textbooks from the 1990's are outdated and inaccurate about their education system today.
  15. Oh, and Pharrell is famous over there, thanks to Daft Punk, who are French.
  16. Sports have clear racial leanings. The football team mostly consists of white and African-American athletes. My cross-country team is more white, Asian, and "Wasian" (only one "wasian" uses that term).
  17. My team mostly likes hip-hop, but some of them love it when I put on EDM and dance-pop during our team's car wash.
  18. And sometimes, bursting out to song and singing badly is entertaining.
  19. The Cookie Clicker is the latest addictive game going around. I tried it for ten minutes and then got out while I could.
  20. Hottest social service? Vine.
  21. "Roar" by Katy Perry is more well known than Lady Gaga's "Applause". I just found one person who knows about "Royals" by Lorde, since my local radio station just picked it up.
  22. And yes, we're talking about Miley Cyrus. No, nobody liked it. Yes, many either found it creepy or disgusting. Don't worry about our generation's tastes.
  23. ...And thanks to Ms. Cyrus, the word "twerk" is in common use. To admit, it's an interesting word.

Any questions?

PS: Psst. Lady Gaga opened the iTunes Festival. She debuted some really great tunes. /shameless promotion


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