Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Audiobooks FTW!

I have a confession: I've never really liked audiobooks. I've tried to like them. I would get them out of the library when I had a long car trip, but I never made it through more than a couple chapters before giving up and giving in to the temptation to sing loudly and very off-key to "Livin' on a Prayer" instead.

Recently, mostly to treat insomnia, I started listening to Harry Potter narrated by Jim Dale during my reread of the entire series. The Jim Dale narration of HP has been the only exception to my audiobook aversion, probably because I listened to it as a child after reading the books. (I've heard the Stephen Fry version is excellent as well!) Several other operatives here agree with me. We love that he does lots of different voices for the characters!

When I finished HP, though, I needed something else to fix the insomnia. Then I found out that TIM CURRY narrates the audiobook of SABRIEL by Garth Nix. (One of my all-time favorites!) Tim Curry is awesome. So I had to get it from the library immediately. And it was great. The first time I've been able to get through a non-HP audiobook. It took a while since I only listened when I was trying to fall asleep (and sometimes while I was walking or in the grocery store) but it was worth it. I was nervous going in because I love SABRIEL and I've read it so many times my copy is falling apart. Tim Curry did a fabulous job, and I needn't have worried.

My last audiobook surprise is TWILIGHT. I heard a sample of it on youtube, and I have to say, regardless of what you may think of the books themselves, Ilyana Kadushin, the woman who narrates TWILIGHT, is excellent. Her voice has the perfect timbre for a teen protagonist, but she never crosses the line into annoying teen sound. She also narrates ALL THESE THINGS I'VE DONE by Gabrielle Zevin, which I think will be my next audiobook experiment, because I want to hear more of Ilyana's voice! It will be the first audiobook I listen to BEFORE reading the book.

What are some audiobooks you've really enjoyed? Did the narrator add to the experience? What about audiobooks that just didn't do it for you?


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