Monday, October 28, 2013

From the Vault - Happy Halloween!

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Today's Question :: If you could dress up as any literary character for Halloween, who would you choose?

Jessica - A few years ago I dressed up as Luna Lovegood for Halloween, and that was one of my favorite costumes ever! I had the radish earrings, the cork necklace, the Spectrespecs, an upside-down Quibbler, and a Ravenclaw tie. I got a ton of complements on it, and I had so much fun wearing it around. I may just bust it out again this Halloween...we'll see.

Sara - Katniss as the girl on fire, if I could do it without getting burned :)

Copil - I'd dress as a Binja Warrior (the garbage bin ninjas from China Mieville's Un Lun Dun). I'd sit in a corner for most of the party and then, when you come over to throw away your appetizer napkin, I'll spring up and Ninjitsu your half-eaten crudités to the floor!

Alexandra - Sometimes I'm tempted to roll body glitter all over myself and be a vampire from Twilight...

Katy - For the last few years I've dressed as Hermione Granger. My prized Gryffindor scarf with crazy curls, a wand, and a precocious attitude. She's my fave. :-)

Leigh - This is actually a tough one--there are so many great options! I mean, from Shakespeare's witches to Lady Macbeth to Hester Prynne... Katniss would be easy. I actually went as Hermione once using clothes I owned... That's distressing. Wait! I have to pick one.. Okay, I'm going as... Peter Pan! (Not really!)

Jaime - Definitely Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games. How fun would that be?! If not her, Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books would also be a blast. And maybe it’s a bit cliché, but Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz would be fantastic too. I just really want ruby slippers.

Matt - I'm dressed up as Mithrandir right now (that's Gandalf the Grey to you).

Alison - Eeyore. Although, I have dressed up as Winnie the Pooh for the past fourteen years (when my daughter was one, she dressed up as my honey pot). My YA answer would be Katniss—although Effie Trinkett would be fun. I may have to do that for the Catching Fire premiere!
Chihuahua Zero - Wait for it... Vladimir Tod from Heather Brewer's series. That's the first one that came up. Vampires are so original. Really, I'm not sure if I'm trick-or-treating this year. Last year might've been my last.

Erica - Kahlan Amnell from The Sword of Truth series - she is one of my absolutely favorite literary characters.

Your turn! If you could dress up as any literary character for Halloween, who would it be?


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