Monday, October 7, 2013

From the Vault (Social Media Edition)

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Today's Question... What’s your favorite form of social media and why?

Jessica - I love Twitter. I love having conversations with my fellow writers, seeing what my favorite authors are up to, and keeping up on the latest news headlines. It's such a fun way to stay in contact with everyone I'm interested in. 

Copil - Twitter, without question. It's not only the fastest breaking news I know, it also allows me to stay as insulated or involved in an issue as I want. When something good happens, I like to swim in the happiness. When something bad happens, I can shut out the trolls and get perspective.

Sara - It's a toss up between Twitter and Instagram! I love how quick and easy twitter is--and as a new mom, I love how often my twitter friends tweet, as I've spent some sleepless nights scrolling through to stay amused! Plus it really helps me to stay updated in the writing world even while on a personal hiatus from it :) And Instagram because I love taking pictures, especially now capturing the everyday changes in my daughter.

Alexandra - I'm going to sound crazy old-school saying this, but I love LiveJournal. It's where my college friends and I keep in touch, even though we all live in different cities and are doing different things with our lives. Somehow we still find ourselves struggling with similar things, and it's nice to stay so connected to them.

Alison - I like blogging. I'm too long-winded for Twitter. Sometimes even for Facebook.

Katy - I'm a fan of social media in general, but if I'm picking favorites, I'll go with Instagram (because I'm super visual and I love living vicariously through my friends' images) and Twitter (because it's a quick way to converse and catch up).

Leigh - I have to go with Facebook. Just because I've been on it since the Dawn of Time, so it's the easiest way for me to keep up with everybody.

Jaime - Lately Instagram is my favorite. I love seeing what’s going on in everyone else’s lives that isn’t necessarily writing-related. Kid pictures, food pictures, “This is what I did today” pictures… I think it’s the best! Twitter starts to feel same old, same old, and my Facebook feed is a never-ending string of cheesy motivational pics, but Instagram is always fun.

Matt - Probably Facebook, I suppose. I know that makes me old and uncool, but it is what it is. I would have said blogging, about a year ago, but I no longer have time to make it as cool as it used to be.

Chihuahua Zero - Reddit, hands down. My main hangout there is /r/YAwriters, although I spend a lot of time on other sides of the site. It's just interesting reading articles and discussion threads, even if the community can be unsavory at times.

Erica - Twitter! It is short and sweet, and is great to carry on a conversation with others.

Your turn! What's your favorite form of social media and why?


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