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Today's Question : How has music inspired your writing? 

Jessica - Oh man. How has music NOT inspired my writing?! I'm a total music person, so music influences everything I do. The first book I wrote was directly inspired by a song ("Sic Transit Gloria" by Brand New), and the second one was inspired by a real guy in a real band and the songs he wrote about a girl he was in love with. The guy in that book is a musician, too, because all of my dream boys are musicians. The guy in a book I've been tinkering around with for awhile works as a sound guy for a music venue, now that I think about it. And, of course, I have extensive playlists for each thing I work on, with all the perfect songs for each scene. For me, music and writing really go hand in hand...I couldn't write without music inspiring me in some way or another.
Sara - Basically in every way possible. I find inspiration in lyrics all the time, and I love the specific emotions that melodies alone can pull out of me--which I try to throw straight into my words. I also make playlists for each of my characters which can really help me to get in their heads. And similarly I have playlists for my WIPs themselves. I often work on a playlist for months before actually getting started on a project. (Usually while working on a different WIP, I collect songs in the background while the new project starts to piece itself together in my mind.)

Copil - I actually don't listen to music when I'm writing or have a playlist. I'm easily distracted, and if Dancing Queen comes on, you know I'm busting out the Manolos and putting on my tiara. Not a lot gets done when that happens.

Alison - Depends on what I'm writing. Typically my stories have a theme song. I never really had a playlist until my last project, but my current one? Hoo boy. I don't know if it's because my WiP is so . . . musical or just that everything I hear inspires me, but my current story's playlist rivals my fourteen-year-old's iTunes library. Even my characters have theme songs and playlists. J  Funny, though. I can't listen to anything while I'm actually writing.

Leigh - I've gotten whole storylines from a song before. It tends to set my imagination's wheels in motion. But oddly, I can't listen to music *while* I write. Too distracting!

Jaime - For every story that I’m writing, I have a list of songs that are either really appropriate to the story lyric-wise, or make me feel a particular way, and as such, get the words flowing. That said, I can only write with music once I’m in “the zone”. Before that it’s just plain distracting.

Alexandra - Along with what Sara and Jess said about music inspiring characters and WIPs, music is also where I go when I'm stuck on writing. I get out my guitar or find a piano and let the creativity come in a different form (not by writing songs, just by playing my favorites to myself, in whatever variation strikes me at the time.) Because I'm not striving to be a musician the way I'm striving to be a writer, (music is my hobby), it's a low-pressure way for me to disconnect from the inevitable stresses and to experience art more viscerally. I don't care if I suck, I don't care if anyone ever hears me (I actually prefer if they never do!) and it's the perfect way to unwind, connect with my story and my characters from a new angle, and go back to my pages refreshed and inspired.

Matt - Music inspires everything I do. I keep it subtle, but a song or an artist or even a style of music plays a part in most stories I write.

Chihuahua Zero - It hasn't really inspired me to transplant ideas into my writing. It's strange, since I listen to music all the time, but it's still fun thinking out ideas for songs, even if none of them make it onto paper.

Erica -  I sometimes get inspiration when I am listening to music, but I have to have absolute silence when I am writing, so as soon as I start to write, the music goes off.

Your turn! How has music inspired YOUR writing? 


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