Monday, November 18, 2013

From the Vault, CATCHING FIRE Edition

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Today's Question: Catching Fire! It’s almost here! Tell us about your plans for one of the year’s biggest movie releases.

Jessica - My friends and I got tickets to the 21+ theater, where they will deliver beers to you in your reclining leather seat during the movie. I can't wait! No screaming teens... but don't worry, WE'LL be the screaming teens.
Karen - I made a dress that bursts into flames and I'm totally wearing it to the movie theater. My boyfriend is dressing as Gale (because he's my choice for a happy ending. TWSS) and he's bringing a fire extinguisher because so far all of our test runs for my flaming dress haven't gone so well. 
Matthew - Um, I don't do premieres. Not even for The Hobbit. But I will see it eventually.
Alison - I (along with seven other moms) took 17 teenagers to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games. We had so much fun, we're doing it again, but this time for an eight o'clock showing the night before. Much more congruous with this old lady's bedtime. Oh, and for The Hunger Games I braided my hair Katniss-style; this go-round, I'm thinking Effie Trinkett, but my fourteen-year-old might disown me. We'll see. Can't wait though!
Leigh - Can't wait to see it! Even though I'm Team Gale, I loved Catching Fire (hated Mockingjay -- grrr...). But since I've got young children, I'm hoping I get a chance to sneak away and see it when we're visiting relatives during Thanksgiving. OK, rephrase... I WILL sneak away and see it -- LOL!
Copil - I'm going to dress as Katniss and head out to my local cinema where I'll probably be arrested and/or deported. Will report back. But, yes, super excited to see the movie.
Sara - My big plans are to go with my mom, ha! But she loves the series almost as much as I do. My poor husband gets to stay home and babysit ;) 
Jaime - I will most likely see it with my hubby and probably a day or so after it comes out to avoid the crowds. Oh, and I have a pretty cool geek tee with Katniss in one of her Cinna-designed dresses, so I'll be wearing that for sure. My plans are pretty tame as you can see.
Katy - Date Night! We have a cool XD theater in town, and my husband and I are going to splurge for a baby-sitter and see the movie opening night. Can't wait! 
Your turn! What are your Catching Fire plans?


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