Monday, December 2, 2013

From the Vault :: Favorite 2013 Debuts

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Today's Question - Tell us about your favorite 2013 debut novel...

Jaime - Oddly, I didn’t end up reading all that many debuts in 2013 (Debut Reading Challenge fail), but I did really enjoy Cristin Terrill’s ALL OUR YESTERDAYS and Ashley Elston’s THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING.

Matthew – FAULT LINE by Christa Desir. I know a lot of people who think books are just stories, and I get that, but sometimes they're more than that, too.

Katy – I read several amazing debuts this year, but the stand-outs are Katie Cotugno’s HOW TO LOVE, Erin Bowman's TAKEN, Katja Millay's THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY and Corey Ann Haydu’s OCD LOVE STORY. Big recommends!

Alison - I'm cheating and picking three. First, ELEANOR AND PARK by Rainbow Rowell. I guess it's not technically a debut novel for Rowell, but it is her first YA. Regardless, through an incredible story, she reminded me what it's like to be a teenager in the eighties. Actually, what it's like to be a teenager period. AMAZING read. I also loved NOBODY BUT US by Kristin Holbrook—heart-wrenching Bonnie and Clyde tale and TAKEN by Erin Bowman—a unique dystopian from a male POV.

JessicaDefinitely THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY by Katja Millay (although I'm not sure this is technically YA...even though I'm not sure why). I thought this book was perfection, and I couldn't believe that it was her first book!

Erica – THE TESTING by Joelle Charbonneau. It is one of those extremely intelligent dystopians that COULD really happen, which makes it all the scarier. I say it was everything I wanted The Hunger Games to be. 

Your turn! What are the best debuts you read this year? 


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